New RW phone and plan questions

I have a couple of questions about the new phone offer from Republic (and “Yes”, I did read the fine print). First, has anyone used the Huawei Ascend 5W phone they are offering, and if so, what has been your experience with it? Secondly, does anyone know what the “eligible plan” is that RW refers to? Can we choose the $15 plan and still receive the $20 promo plan of up to 6 months with 1 GB data or do we have to take the $20 plan at the beginning and continue on that after the promo period?


The 5W will first come on the market when the sale begins so I doubt any of the Community members can compare it to other offerings. Certainly the Republic staff has had a chance to test and certify them so perhaps one of them will chime in here. Take the $20.00 plan for the promo period and then if you want you can switch to the $15.00 plan when the promo period ends. Plan changes are made right from the phone.

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