New RW Phone - Need SIM Card?

I just ordered a RW phone. Do I also need to order a RW SIM card, or will one come with the RW phone? And - how do I Port my existing phone number to my new RW phone / plan?

when you order a new phone from RW it comes with the phone, be sure to look in the box, well, sometimes the sim will slide under the flaps of the box…

if it is an RW number on an RW phone, when you activate the new phone it will ask if you wish to use the RW number you have now, or get a new one. just tap that this new phone will be using your RW number…

if it is from another carrier go here and check if it can be ported

if so when you activate the new phone it will be given a number, at which point you go to your account and click on more under the phone and select the port option. filling in all the needed information…


Hi @charliek.vvfx4w,

Welcome to our Community! In addition to the helpful information provided by @TheDoctor, I just wanted to point you to our help center overview on transferring your number:

If there’s anything else the Community can answer for you, as you set up your new phone, please let us know!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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