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Does the phone automatically pick up a wifi signal or do I have to enter a modem code as if I am at someones house? If I am in a store does it automatically go to wifi or cellular?

Thanks for any helpful info.

The answer to your question depends on both how you configure your phone and how the WiFi available to you is configured. Some of the WiFi networks you will find are completely open. You will connect to them if you phone is configured to automatically connect to open WiFi networks. Some WiFi networks (typically residential) require a password one must ask the host for. Some WiFi networks (typically commercial) are sort of open (no password) but to gain access you must agree to their terms.

It takes a while to become accustomed to the different ways one connects to WiFi. The phone will remember passwords when they are required and there are apps available in the Play Store that remember the steps required to agree to terms.

For me, my phone has remembered the passwords and my home and at the homes of my friends so my phone just automatically connects to these when I go to these places. I did have to enter the password on my very first visit.

I haven’t bothered to us an app that automatically agrees to terms because I visit those places just once or twice a year.

With experience you get pretty good at this.

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Some additional information from Republic here: WiFi.

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