New Service With Moto E (1st Gen.) in January 2018?

Can friends who live in a cabin in the woods order Republic service and activate a Moto E (1st Gen.) of mine that I want to give them? We used it a couple of years ago with Republic service. I could add them to my existing account if necessary.

My Moto 5G+ works at their place, so I know there’s coverage there. I just can’t tell for sure if new customers can set up an account using this old phone and if so what plan they’d need to order.

Please let me know. The wife had a health emergency last night and they had only one phone so the husband couldn’t find out how she was or even to which hospital she had been taken. They’re living on Social Security and have no land line.

the Moto E 1st Gen is a legacy phone and can reactivated as a new line with the Legacy Refund plan

I will note the Legacy phones can only be used on the CDMA partner (Sprint) where you Moto G5+ could be on either the CDMA Partner or the GSM partner (T-Mobile) so the coverage may not be the same between the Moto E 1st and the Moto G5+

could you dial *#*#786#*#* in the dialer of the Moto G5+ and if you get a Sprint sub-menu then it is on the CDMA partner and will have the same coverage as the Moto E 1st

also note the Moto E 1st is a 3G only phone and will not have access to 4G LTE network
All Republic phones need WiFi to activate


Thank you SO much for your speedy, precise, and full response. This information is precisely what we need. Thank you!


your welcome

Hi @maryo.frp8rv,

Do your friends have access to Wi-Fi when in their cabin in the woods? If not, you may want to take the phone to a location that has Wi-Fi to set it up, make sure it’s updated, and activate it.

Please let us know if you need any help at all getting things set up for them.


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