New SiM Card for New Moto E 2nd Gen. Can't Make Cell Calls

Hi. I recently bought a new Moto E 2nd. Gen from *Motorola. My old phone, same model, was not working. They sent me a new phone, but it didn’t have the right SIM card.

I contacted Republic and they sent me a SIM card. I installed it a couple of days ago. Since, I was at home, with WiFi, I didn’t get to test the card until today.

I am unable or receive any cell calls. My friend called me and he said it just went to voicemail. I am able to get and receive texts. This is the message I receive when I try to make a call:

“The number you have called or code you have dialed is incorrect. Please check the number or code you have dialed.”

Then it says: “Message 7. Switch 3-8-6”

I have tried powering the phone on and off. Switching the WiFi on and off. I haven’t tried taking the SIM card out.

For a Moto E 2 you need to update Profile and PRL.

Go to Settings
System Updates - I’m hoping my memory is correct on this menu option!
Tap on Update PRL - wait for it to complete
Tap on Update Profile - wait for it to complete, phone may restart. If it doesn’t restart the phone once it’s finished with the update.

Test the phone to see if you can make and receive cell calls.

If not, please keep us posted!


Thanks so much! I had no idea; this was the first time I had to get a SIM card, seperately.

I’m glad I checked for a response on the website, as I think I accidentally delete the email notification.

Anyway, I hope it keeps working. Enjoy your evening!

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So glad all is working again! Glad to help!

Thanks for reporting all is working now @jamied.gygmwp. Glad you were able to get back up and running.

Thanks for your trust in Republic Wireless.

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Awesome work as always @littletoucan

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