New Sim card not working right

Got a new Nexus phone about 2 months ago loved it and had no problems.I play pokemon go a lot and I was enjoying the game…Republic sent me a new sim card to Upgrade my service…Now since I installed it my phone is constantly saying no internet service driving me crazy… Its terrible Has anyone else gotten this new and supposedly improved chip.Can I just put my old one back in ?

You really want to open or renew a service ticket and explain this to RW support.

Hi @corwinr ,

I see you were able to open a support ticket on the matter. Our team will need to go through some troubleshooting steps with you to determine the cause of the issue.

The former SIM card has been de-activated by activating the new one, and cannot be re-activated without support’s help. Keep it handy, but installing it without steps being taken on our side will not solve this for you, and supper may even have a quicker solution.

In most cases where we offered the improved service with a new SIM card, changing the SIM cards went smoothly. I’m sorry to read it has been a complicated matter in your situation, but please hang in there and we’ll get it resolved.

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