New SIM card or old SIM card for new Phone

I have been a Republic Wireless customer for 5 years now. I have just purchased a new phone that was mailed with a new SlM card. Do I use the new card or do I transfer the SIM card in my current phone to my new phone?

The new phones in the Republic store can ONLY be activated on the new 5.0 plans.

And, for that you will need to use the new SIM card.

You’ll find guidance for activating here: How to Activate a Cell Phone or SIM Card – Republic Help

Given all of the current issues with moving numbers from the old plans to the new one, though, I strongly encourage you to wait to do this until those problems are ironed out if you can.


Hi @diaondraj,

The new SIM card is useless if you did not also buy a new 5.0 plan. Do you remember selecting a plan?

No, I didn’t realize I needed to. When I was buying the new phone it had a spot to pick “I already have a plan”. If it was going to require a new plan I feel like that shouldn’t have been an option. How do I go about switching my plan?

Also, if you did not set up a new account when ordering the new SIM card (i.e., you ordered the phone when signed in to your current phone account), you can follow the steps at the link here: How to Activate 5.0 SIM Cards That Were Bought On an Existing Legacy (Including My Choice) Account – Republic Help

Look for these fields during checkout to create your new account (if you are signed in to your current phone account, be sure to log out). You will need to use an email address that is not currently associated with a Republic account to create the new account.

Note that you will NOT have to wait for the new SIM card to arrive in the mail if the one you have has not yet been activated; you can use the one that you have in hand.

Ok. So I have to create a new acount, with a new email address. When I activate the new phones will it give me a new phone number? Will I then have to go through the process of transfering my old number to my new phone? How do I go about doing that? Also, is this the problem they are having trouble with. If I create a new account is it still going to take longer because of the issues they are haveing, or by creating the new account will it bypass the issues? I am super frustrated. This just became a whole big thing. I was hoping I was just going to activate my phone. I know its not your fault, and I appreciate all of your help.

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The “new account” thing doesn’t have to do with the number transfer process, but is a workaround until they get a smoother process in place (5.0 phones cannot be on accounts with phones using other plans). Unfortunately, it adds a layer of difficulty to the process at this point, but if you attempt to activate the SIM when signed in to your “old” phone account, the process will fail.

Your number will move to the new phone during activation. If all is working properly, it may still take a couple of days for the number to move, but you will keep your number.

Just be sure to sign in to the “new” account when starting the process to activate the SIM card.

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Ok, Thank you for all of your assistance. You have been most helpful.