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Sam’s Club has a sale on the Moto G Power, unlocked. Can I buy it and transfer my GSM card from my old Moto G4? Or do I need to buy a new Sim card? I did read some other posts and it sounds like the GSM transfers, but I would love confirmation on that.

Hi @betsyz.6ja6u8

Yes, you can move the SIM card from the old phone to the new phone if the old phone and SIM are currently active. Are they both currently active?

Yes, I’d just be updating the one I am using now.

Then you will be able to move that SIM. Don’t forget to connect the phone to WiFi and make sure the Republic Wireless app is installed and up-to-date on the new phone. Then open the Republic app to complete activating the new phone to the Republic service.

are there instructions for that somewhere on this site? we are looking to do something similar, but different phones. is it just a matter of getting the republic app on the new phone then moving the sim and then the phone does the rest? do we reactivate or anything?

Hi @jeffreyt.zmtmgs this Tips & Tricks has a bunch of information that should help.


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