New SIM for New BYOP, but same RW Plan

I have an existing RW account. I have bought a new phone to replace the one I have. I need a SIM for the new phone. There are two phones on my account. Do I have to get a new plan for both phones or can I just get a SIM for the new phone and keep my current plan?

Hi Channing and welcome to the Community!

You may not need a new SIM at all. You may be able to move the SIM from the phone being replaced to the new phone. Please see if this helps:

Already tried to move SIM, doesn’t work. Gives me "Incompatible SIM SIM Type CDMA (CSIM)

Moto G stylus 2020 US - XT2043-4

Hi Channing,

Thank you for the additional context. Indeed, active CDMA SIMs do not move from one phone to the next, so you will need a new SIM. Republic no longer activates My Choice SIMs, so the new phone would need to be activated on one of Republic’s new plans.

You don’t have to get a new plan for both phones but you can’t keep both phones in the same account with different plans. Therefore, you would need to activate the new phone using a new Republic account with a different email address. Some information follows:

Republic is in the process of improving the process in the above referenced article over the next couple of weeks. If the phone being replaced is still functional, you might want to wait for those improvements.