New sim not activating, old sim not activating

I was having trouble with good cell coverage in a certain fringe area in Oregon. Republic was kind enough to send me a new SIM card to help my Moto G4 in this particular situation. I installed it two days ago and went through the activation process. It remained stalled on the green “your activation process is underway” page. I currently have a request for help concerning coverage AND a request for help concerning activation open at this time. Republic is not responding.
This morning, after 30 hours with no cell or text, I reinstalled the old SIM card. Its been an hour and it is stalled on the green “activation is underway” page.
QUESTION: Will the original SIM likely activate? Should I stick with the new SIM now that I tried to activate it? Can activation take days sometimes? Thanks

Moto G4, 3 gig plan, good solid wireless is providing data only at this time.

I grew up in Eastern Oregon, and since have considered most of Oregon except Portland/Willamette Valley a ‘fringe area’ :slight_smile: Please provide a ZIP code to allow narrowing it down a bit

Thanks for responding. My reception issues are when I am at home… 5 miles directly west of Junction City, OR. in the Willamette Valley. Note that I am currently in SLC Utah with a strong wireless connection trying to activate my G4 with either SIM card Republic has provided. The original SIM works everywhere I travel but not at my home unless I step outdoors. Republic was very quick to send a new SIM yet…I cannot activate it.

CDMA map
GSM map

I would drill down on your home address from the links, then while your in SLC or on the way home, activate the phone on the best carrier at home, while you have a good signal

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jben, I am ay my duaghters place, a home with a very good wireless connection. I activated many phones here…including this one 3 weeks ago. The activation process always goes very well here. I will once again install the latest SIM I was sent and just wait for Republic to respond. I am really confused why they have not responded to my activation questions since I received this SIM card. Thanks for your help.

Please post your Ticket number (none of us will be able to see it, but we can make an inquiry on your behalf)

Hi @geraldh.q7rn2h,

I’ll look into why your ticket has fallen silent. Please allow me a few minutes to review the ticket. I’m sorry I wasn’t available when you first posted, earlier.

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Hi @geraldh.q7rn2h,

I’ve merged your tickets into one so that we can make sure our attention is focused in a single place, A technician is reviewing your situation at this time.

To answer some of your original questions:

We would not expect any activation to take days. If an activation stalls for more than an hour or so, it is very likely the process will need staff intervention.

If an activation requires staff intervention, trying a different SIM card is not likely to improve the situation.

I apologize that your ticket was not responded to in a more appropriate time frame.

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