New Sim, Same Phone Number?

I recently lost my Moto G4 – it’s gone and not coming back – and I ordered a Moto G6 (unlocked) from Amazon and was wondering what my next step should be. Do I order a new sim? Will I be able to keep my old number? Also, if I do get a new sim card, about how long is the shipping time?

If it’s too much hassle it may be time to try out some of these other services out there. I’ve been with Republic since it’s start-up and I’ve never had anything else so I’ve always been curious about some of these others I see on the web. If I’m gonna get a new number anyway then I might as well try out the other services first and then I can always come back to republic if I don’t like them.

Hi @scooterdog and thanks for dropping into the Community with your question!

One may always keep their current Republic number when moving from one phone to another. Here’s how: How to Activate a Replacement Phone – Republic Help.

Republic supports the North American factory unlocked Moto G6 designated model XT-1925-6. That’s documented here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help. Far more likely than not, that’s the model Amazon sold you, however, if you’d like us to verify that, please provide the link to the Amazon listing you used to make the purchase.

You will need a new SIM, and it may be in your hands as soon as tomorrow depending upon shipping method chosen. Before pulling the trigger on purchase of a new SIM, might you be willing to share your zip code (nothing more)? With that, we can provide insight on how to get a Republic SIM with appropriate coverage for you area.

Regarding the hassle factor; there’s always some hassle involved in losing and replacing a phone but we’ll do our best to minimize that for you. You would need to acquire a SIM to use the G6 you bought with a service provider other than Republic as well. Doing so isn’t likely to be less of a hassle.


Thank you for the response. My zip code here is 75569, and the link to the phone I purchased is:■■■■.

Also, how much is a new sim card and what are the shipping costs?

To get the SIM card you need for that ZIP code you’re going to want to open a ticket with support. Let them know that you purchased a G6 from Amazon and you need a CDMA SIM for ZiP code 75569.

Well, I submitted a ticket but they don’t seem to be in much of a hurry about it. (This is what I meant by “hassle.”) I think I need to start looking at my other options.

I’m trying to save you a step in the process and speed things up by having you work with staff. You could order a SIM on the website right now but I don’t think the coverage where you are would be very good. So, instead I’ve suggested that you ask staff to get you a CDMA (Sprint) SIM for your phone. This isn’t a “normal” request as BYOP phones activate with T-Mobile, not Sprint. So, if there’s a hassle, it is because at the end of the day I’m trying to get you the best service for your area.

When a company like Republic has multiple carriers it works with, it by nature complicates things and while this may create a “hassle” it also creates options such as better coverage in your area which you woudn’t have it T-Mobile was the only partner offered.

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I appreciate what you are trying to do. The reason I’m considering jumping ship is because of the service – both costumer & coverage. First, the coverage. On my last phone it showed (as it does now) full coverage in my area, but when we go to the wife’s sisters house I lose coverage. The coverage map shows LTE Data service all the way there – which is only about 15 miles away – but I get zero bars for at least the last 5-7 miles and I have to get to her house to get on her wifi to get service. The “other” companies show the same thing on their coverage maps, so this might be something all companies do to get you to sign up for their service.

The second is Republics customer service. I now this is something you can’t control but it gets frustrating that you have to do all this back and forth to get something done and you’re left with being stuck in “the queue” until who knows when. That’s the hassle part.

Other than AT&T, US Cellular, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon companies don’t make their own maps. Republic doesn’t own the network. They lease capacity from Sprint & T-Mobile. So, they, like everyone else other than the list above, they use the maps (or at least map data) provided to them. That’s why all the maps look the same, because they all are.

You can find user generated maps at sites like and

Your new phone can have coverage from either Sprint or T-Mobile (when used with Republic). If neither of those networks has the coverage you need in your area, then Republic isn’t likely the right choice. My check of the maps made it appear that Sprint has the better coverage in your area. That’s why I recommended asking for a Sprint SIM. Do you know what coverage you had previously? What model phone? EDITED TO ADD: Just realized you lost your G4, that could have had either coverage if bought from Republic or would have had T-Mobile if you had bought it elsewhere and gotten a SIM from Republic.

I’m not sure what coverage I had previously. I do know that the phone (Moto G4 Plus) was unlocked with both CDMA/GSM compatible. Sorry, but that’s about the extent of my phone knowledge. I know when me and the wife were out driving and she would want to check stuff on the phone and go to grab it I would look on the radio were it was hooked through bluetooth and tell her “no bars.”, which basically meant “don’t even try”. This became a way too frequent thing of ours. It would be nice if I was on the one with less coverage meaning there’s a chance of getting better coverage, but then that brings up the question of why wasn’t I on that network to begin with.

Again, thank you for your assistance with this.

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There’s a variety of possible explanations. When the G4 Plus was first introduced on Republic, only GSM (T-Mobile) coverage was available. If like the G6, you sourced the phone elsewhere and purchased Republic’s BYOP SIM that would have been GSM (T-Mobile). Until very recently all compatible phones sourced elsewhere, required they be activated on GSM first then moved to CDMA (Sprint) if possible. Now, though it requires a ticket, Republic is able to directly activate some compatible phones sourced elsewhere on CDMA.

What I’m trying to say is this has been an evolution and candidly continues to evolve. For me, being able to ask for and directly activate a SIM with potentially more appropriate coverage is less of a hassle than having only one option or having to activate with one SIM then switch to another. Is there room for improvement, certainly but, in my opinion, it’s getting better.

The reality is the more options one offers, though doing so introduces complexity the better. If Republic were only able to offer me CDMA (Sprint), I’d likely be gone because in my area GSM (T-Mobile) offers better coverage. Therefore, I’m happy Republic has the ability to offer GSM (T-Mobile) coverage.

I’m confident Republic staff will answer your ticket as soon as they’re able and likewise get you that CDMA SIM as quickly as they can. I’m not particularly confident an alternative provider would get their SIM to you faster, however, if you decide to investigate you need to ascertain whose network(s) they use for cellular coverage. For example signing up with Metro by T-Mobile wouldn’t help if CDMA (Sprint) coverage is better in your area than GSM (T-Mobile) because Metro by T-Mobile’s coverage is rather obviously T-Mobile.

At the end of the day unless you choose to source someone’s SIM locally, you’ll be waiting on someone to deliver one to you.

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Do you know what the approximate turn around time on their help team is? Are we talking hours, and if so, how many? Or could this possibly be going on for days of back and forth communicating?

The other service is I was looking at was Mint. They’re actually a little cheaper, but I don’t know what coverage they have. Their map shows good coverage in my area as well as a free sim card, but now I know (thanks to you) that they all use the same maps so I guess I’ll view all coverage maos with skepticism from now on.

It can vary depending upon how many tickets are in the overall queue but in my experience is typically some number of hours (generally less than 24) but not multiple days.

Mint uses T-Mobile for cellular coverage, so if GSM (T-Mobile) on Republic isn’t a good fit for you coverage wise then Mint won’t be either.

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Mint you have to pre pay 1yrs worth of service to get the lower price.
Also, they have WORSE coverage in that they offer No Roaming whatsoever. Only have native Tmobile coverage. They also have no option to use another carrier, like CDMA Sprint, like Rw does.

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Thanks for the info on Mint. I thought it sounded almost too good to have not heard more about it than I have.

5 hours or so and still no help from the help desk. Only the initial reply telling me they’ll get to me whenever. Are they really that overwhelmed with problems? Any idea what the turn around average is on something like this? I feel as though I wasted one day already and haven’t made much progress at all, other than getting educated a little on CDMA & GSM, and to stay away from Mint unless absolutely necessary.

I really do appreciate your help with this. From what I understand you’re customers who volunteer their help. So again, big thanks.

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Hi @scooterdog,

Tickets are prioritized according to urgency. Do you currently have the new phone in hand? It may be that agents are working on some other urgent matters at the time, and sometimes a request for a CDMA SIM Card doesn’t look as urgent because the member does have service with an existing SIM card.

The ticket process is not meant to be instant - we could never afford enough staff to instantly answer every question we get. But it is meant to be as efficient as possible. I’m sorry to see you’ve had bad experiences in the past and are now considering other carriers.

I’ve just checked in on your ticket and someone is currently researching your ticket and working on a reply.


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