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I just want to let RepublicWireless know the addition of the aforementioned service is much appreciated, and a positively positive move forward.



This is a great step in the right direction. I wish that there was a summary of calls that it blocked so that we’d know the extent to which it is working. I’m still getting about 5 spam calls a day–even with the new system–but not the same ones as before. (Nice to hear a new scam once in a while!) With the old system, RW asked me if I wanted to block the number. Now I have to go to the phone history and long-press the number to block it. Not a big deal but a little less convenient.

What I’d really like is for a screener that would give a message to any caller not in my contact list. If the caller responds affirmatively to my message (press 1, or something else) it would proceed with the call; otherwise it would hang up the call or send it to VM.

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As above I concur with their post but would really like to see an addition to this app that allows the RW phone owner to BLOCK a AREA CODE. As RW techs can search their database of incoming calls at will and identify those “FREQUENT SPAM NUMBERS” used by the mental midgets. I do not use to call or receive from Area Code 469, I want to BLOCK IT as well as others. If one GOOGLES the numbers they are mainly SPOOFED but none the less wasting my time. Please build a database of these numbers. The US Military has built a device in which it can identify the actual number being used by their auto dialers and you can or already have done this. Your techs know, have the knowledge and RW needs to break the cycle of madness regardless of what the FCC says. RW lead the way, break the law and fight back.



I’m all for Republic leading the way in fighting spam, however, were they to take this advice literally, they would literally be out of business and, therefore, unable to do so. :wink:

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And so whom, A Ambassador, TECH, or a very smart Community Member is allowed to speak up and offer ideas off or on Community to effectively go on the attack with these idiots. Their must be a rogue HACKER out there which has designed an APP. There must be a rogue HACKER out there that has a database of the PRE-SPOOFED numbers to ad into the RW Blocking App individually. As I post this and the past message someone could always read this and post their findings to me and others without the 1st Amendment viotation or being shotdown effectively holding RW Harmless.



Anyone is free to speak out. I was merely pointing out that “breaking the law” or defying the FCC might not be in Republic’s best business interest. :slightly_smiling_face: Telecom is as regulated an enterprise as one gets.

There are technical solutions available in the market. While none of us know who Republic’s partner is, I suspect a database of numbers determined likely to be spam (spoofed or not) is part of what’s just been baked into the Republic app. Nomorobo offers its own solution albeit at $2/month for cell phones. Nomorobo’s apps are available in Google’s Play Store for Android and Apple’s app store if one had friends using iOS. I’ve used Nomorobo on VoIP landline replacements. No hacking is required.

Currently, there is no known way to manually add numbers to those determined by Republic and its partner(s) to be spam. I’m not opposed to one being added but as I’m not a hacker I’m content to leave it at encouraging Republic to do so.

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rolandh, TY and as I asked I have found a App, Call Control claims to be able to BLOCK A AREA CODE. My question still remains, Why can they do it but RW cannot. These Apps have Community supported list updated by the second or milli second that identify calls as SPAM so the next guy or gal doesn’t get a call. This Community use to have a plethora of skilled and knowledgeable people that would run a list of tested apps that worked at that time. I can no longer find an area to see this. RW has deleted this valuable info for users or placed it in a dark corner???



I’ve not personally used Call Control, so can’t speak to its effectiveness one way or the other.

I’ve not said Republic cannot do it. It seems, to me, Republic is trying another way (preemptively blocking numbers determined likely to be spam without asking end users to build blacklists or whitelists. Those of us frequenting the Community tend to be more hands on (and would be happy to create such lists), however, I’m open to the possibility we don’t represent Republic’s typical customer who might prefer it just be done for them. I also believe one might accommodate both approaches but as Republic has just implemented this feature, perhaps we can give it some time to see how effective it is as it exists?

I think much of the type of information (not limited to this topic) remains available in #tips. The forum software platform has changed over the years but I don’t believe Republic has deleted relevant helpful information. Regarding this particular topic, Google not Republic has hamstrung the ability of third party app developers. I once used a very effective app (Extreme Call Blocker) that’s no longer available because of changes Google has made to Android. The app still works but only on phones running Android 6 (Marshmallow) or earlier.

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“remains available in #tips.” I will spend more hours looking for this. It use to be right in front of me and I could click it. The new format, (not so friendly IMO) is designed for solving complexity for those whom have trouble changing batteries in a flashlight. Just received another call from Area code 469 and now have over 100 Warrants from the IRS if I don’t send money now…



Found an article from years ago to present regarding my phones SPRINT number, opened a ticket to see if a new number issued would be the problem.



I have installed the call blocking feature and selected “block voicemails” but spam calls from blocked numbers are just going straight to voicemail. When will this service be implemented?



This service is active, but there are potentially two different spam blocking types going on on your phone:

  1. You’ve added a number to the blocklist on the phone. This operates as always, and the caller is dumped to VM without the phone ringing.

  2. The number is in the database for the new feature (which the user doesn’t control). In this case the call never reaches the phone and is either hung up on or put in voicemail depending which setting the user has chosen.

If the calls are getting to your voicemail it sounds like they’re blocked not by the new feature but by you having them added them to your phones block list.



One feature of call blocking I desperately need is to block all incoming calls not in my contacts. Currently I basically have no choice but to block all calls, so my phone is essentially an outgoing phone only, because I have hundreds of numbers in my blocked numbers list and yet I still get 10-20 calls from automated spammers every day on totally new numbers. I WOULD get a new number, but that could cause big problems for me, since this number has been used for a lot of really important things, like the immigration paperwork for my wife, of which I absolutely need them to be able to reach me. If only contacts could get through that would be perfect, as friends could call me to talk, and legitimate numbers not in my contacts could still leave a voicemail.


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