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A short while ago RW sent out notification that a new spam call filter has been added to their software. I followed instructions to turn it on, and from that moment we have not received even a single junk call! Calls from friends come in just fine. Previously we were getting three to five junk calls per day.

I won’t miss Rachel from card services at all. Wouldn’t it be nice if we are finally getting control of this scourge on our telecommunications system? Thank you, RW.


Good to see some positive feedback on this subject :kissing_heart:
Others may want to check out this from the Republic Team


I have had a few junk calls get through, but not many. Is it possible to report the junk calls to help weed them out? Thanks.

There is not a reporting mechanism.

Is there a way to have Android blocked calls also block voicemail? Similar to the rw option in the new spam blocker.

There is not. All the Android blocker can do (as it is run on the phone) is keep the phone from ringing by sending the caller to voicemail.

Is it at all feasible to add a feature to the rw spam and VM blocker to be able to use the individuals blocked number list to auto delete any voicemails from that number? Or just stop them in the first place? Unfortunately almost all the Spam calls I get are from spoofed numbers so most blockers are ineffective.

Sure, anything is possible. Now, if you’re asking if I think Republic would spend the resources to make happen what you’re talking about, I would say that’s highly unlikely as the effort would be fairly significant.

This really is an old conversation, despite being led to it by a new communication. The ‘block number’, NOMOROBO and similar approaches fail when the robocallers spoof with random numbers, which can even match legitimate businesses and individuals. The real solution has already been created in the Call Sentry 3.1 device, which forces callers to ‘Press 1 to continue’. This blocks 99% of the fake callers. I’ve had a Call Sentry installed on my home phone for 4 months and not listened to a single robocaller in that time. Unfortunately, the Call Sentry is a landline device. It has to be at the point the call is received. For cellular service, the functionality would have to be on the cellphone itself. That means a modified device (which is no longer a market solution) or an app. An app that answers the phone on your behalf (before any ringing), checks the incoming call against locally stored whitelist/blacklist, and if a new number, prompts the caller to “Press 1 to continue”. That defeats almost all robocallers. It’s just that simple. Blocking individual numbers that are made up on the fly, will not stop robocallers. Whoever makes that app, will be a millionaire, if not a billionaire.

Unfortunately not. The carriers are approaching the finish line on implementing the FCC mandated STIR/SHAKEN protocol (STIR/SHAKEN - Wikipedia) which has been mandated by the FCC. Once it is complete caller ID will be able to be authenticated and you’ll be able to tell the difference between legitimate caller ID and spoofed caller ID. The power of spoofing caller ID will be gone as carriers will either refuse to pass it or label it “spam probable” or something similar when it pops up on your phone.

Also, Google dialer already has an upgrade version of what you’re describing. On all Pixel devices and on many Motos you have the option to “screen” calls and have the caller say why they’re calling, which comes up on your screen before you choose to accept the call.

Finally, many call services, including Google Voice, have had the press “1” option for years and years and years.

The ship for making money on such an app has long sailed.

Thank you for the reply. I tried to find my original ticket to reply there, but could not.

I’ve heard of these different measures, both promised and in-place. But they don’t address my complaint/goal. I don’t want to have to look at my phone each time to see if the caller’s id is flagged as spam or suspicious, etc. (I already have that). I don’t want my phone to ring when it’s not someone on my contacts and/or whitelist calling, and then I have to pick it up and accept/decline or let it just ring on. But I do want the option to have contacts/whitelist ring through. My closest option currently is to put the phone on Do Not Disturb, accept Contacts, but it doesn’t ring even for Contacts. It does vibrate, but unless the phone is next to me, I’ve missed the call until I look for the voicemail-waiting or ‘missed call’ flags. Or, I can let the phone ring, and then look at it and silence it if it appears to be spam. My Sentry Call Blocker keeps my landline phone from ringing from non-whitelist callers. But they can still leave a message. That is a much more complete solution. The logic-tree isn’t that complicated.

Now if the carriers can differentiate between legitimate and spoofed caller IDs, and either simply block them within the cellular messaging system, or optionally let us block them without having to look at the phone to see a ‘spam probable’ message, like we can block “Private Caller” calls, that would be a major improvement.

An alternative would be that the Do Not Disturb setting have an option to let call from Contacts (only) activate the ringer, not only vibrate, and non-contacts would be passed without ring or vibration to the Voicemail service. That would meet my needs. I haven’t found a DND app that will do that (optionally enable the ringer for Contacts)- they all turn off the ringer and enable only the vibration. If you know of one that will allow the ringer for calls from Contact, please point it out.


Then something isn’t set-up right. DND has a mode where all contacts, or all starred contacts, ring through normally. I use it every night.

That’s exactly how Google Voice’s “press 1” option works.

That’s exactly the point of the STIR/SHAKEN technology. It has been mentioned before but it hasn’t been federally mandated before.

That’s absolutely possible. It has worked that way on every phone I’ve had and had. The Samsung Note 20, Note 10 Plus, S20FE, Google Pixel 4XL, 4a 5G, 3XL, Moto Stylus and Power.

Thank you for the reply. I have a Moto x4 Android One. My understanding is the A1’s have a ‘basic’ OS and lack some of the added-on functionality that some mfgs include with their phones, like enhanced photo apps, etc… I will go back through my phone DND settings again, but give your experiences, I suspect it’s the A1 issue, unless someone running an A1 version can report getting calls from Contacts to activate the ringer (not just the vibrator) while DND is turned on.

I had an X4 A1, but don’t have access to it any more. It rang when calls came in on DND (that were allowed under the rules) I don’t recall a separate setting regarding silent or ring alerting, I believe the phone just follows whatever is set at the time DND is turned on. Meaning, as long as the phone’s ringer isn’t muted when you enable DND, and a call that comes in before you turn on DND makes the phone ring audibly, then the calls that are allowed to ring through once you enable DND would too.

Thanks. I will try again. If it doesn’t work for me, I’ll post a screen capture of my DND settings, in case I 'm missing an option that others see.

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