New Spam Filter


A short while ago RW sent out notification that a new spam call filter has been added to their software. I followed instructions to turn it on, and from that moment we have not received even a single junk call! Calls from friends come in just fine. Previously we were getting three to five junk calls per day.

I won’t miss Rachel from card services at all. Wouldn’t it be nice if we are finally getting control of this scourge on our telecommunications system? Thank you, RW.


Good to see some positive feedback on this subject :kissing_heart:
Others may want to check out this from the Republic Team


I have had a few junk calls get through, but not many. Is it possible to report the junk calls to help weed them out? Thanks.


There is not a reporting mechanism.


Is there a way to have Android blocked calls also block voicemail? Similar to the rw option in the new spam blocker.


There is not. All the Android blocker can do (as it is run on the phone) is keep the phone from ringing by sending the caller to voicemail.


Is it at all feasible to add a feature to the rw spam and VM blocker to be able to use the individuals blocked number list to auto delete any voicemails from that number? Or just stop them in the first place? Unfortunately almost all the Spam calls I get are from spoofed numbers so most blockers are ineffective.


Sure, anything is possible. Now, if you’re asking if I think Republic would spend the resources to make happen what you’re talking about, I would say that’s highly unlikely as the effort would be fairly significant.