New Texts Become Hard to Find When Several Received At Once


When I have received texts from multiple numbers since I last checked my phone, my Moto E 2nd Gen doesn’t handle them well. I can select any one of them and read it, but then the others disappear from the notification bar- and they also don’t appear in my Messaging history screen. They’re stored in the phone somewhere, and in the past I’ve found them by searching for the single letter “I” and painstakingly scrolling through my entire text history until I find the unread message, but now that’s coming up short too. Two Republic chat center staffers couldn’t help me, and I can’t find the issue mentioned elsewhere. Any ideas?

[edited “call center staffers” to the more accurate “chat center staffers”.]



What messaging app are you using?

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The one called Messaging.


I suggest you try Google Messenger (different than Messaging). You can try it and switch back without losing any of your messages.


So, even in the actual app, the newest messages aren’t located at the top of the list, with unread ones in bold font? I don’t use the stock messaging app, I’m on Google Messenger like @donp.p, but any messaging app that is functioning properly should reorder the new messages on top of the old ones.



This app runs better on most phones RW approves. Try it and see if it helps with fixing the issues you have.

Messenger - Android Apps on Google Play

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That did the trick! Google Messenger inserts the new messages in my history properly. Thanks.


Exactly. Messaging wasn’t reordering the new messages on top, nor even inserting them into my history at all if I had never had a text from that number before, in the situation I outlined above. Switching to Google Messenger as suggested above let me see the previously hidden texts, and I don’t plan on going back to Messaging.