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A friend of mine who is no longer with Republic (his work is paying for his phone now) gave me his “old” Moto 4g (I think it’s about a year old) and I would like to activate it to replace my old (but dying) 1st gen MotoX.

I have tried activating the new phone using the instructions, but have been unsuccessful because the g4 was activated on his account and now it refuses to allow me to sign in under my own Google account as t wants the information from the “Account that was previously synced on this device”.

I’m sure my friend loves me but doesn’t want to give out his google account info - so - how do I do this?


You will either have to get your friends account credentials, or give the phone back to them so that they can enter the credentials and remove the anti-theft lock.

Thanks for the info and UGH, lol

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Factory Reset must be done a certain way, else the device will be “Google Locked”.

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