New to RW. J7 won't send pictures by text message

We just got my daughter the Samsung J7 phone and are using Republic Wireless for the first time. I have followed previous suggestion of power cycling in order to get pictures to send or download and it still will not work. Any other suggestions you can give me? Our internet provider is Xfinity.

Hi @alboek,

Thank you for giving Republic Wireless a try.
I’ve moved your post to its own thread so we can take a look at your issue with fresh eyes and make sure all the bases have been covered.

You mentioned Xfinity. Do text messages send when the phone is on cell? Do they send on other Wi-Fi networks, (for example, could it be tested at McDonalds?)

The most common cause for this on the J7 is trying to use the default messaging app that is on the phone. That won’t work. You’ll need to use either Republic Anywhere: or Android Messages:


Sending and receiving text is not an issue. We have not tried a public wifi because we have not been to one. We tried another neighbor’s wifi and it didn’t work their either.

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Androi

We stopped at a McDonald’s to try their wifi and I was able to send a text message but could not send a picture.

Lifesaver! We downloaded the android messages app from Google Play Store and it worked. Thank you!


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