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An icon appeared on my daughter’s phone. Not sure what it is. Can’t open it, only remove it. She does not have wifi so wondering what might have happened.
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Looks like a music player shuffle play icon/widget.


Hi @michellec.theones - Agree with @cbwahlstrom that icon sure looks like shuffle music player. Not sure what phone your daughter has or what version of Android but here are the general steps to find and confirm the app (hopefully).

Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all X apps then scroll down until you find the icon. App name should be there. Once you confirm then you can decide if you want to keep the app or delete.

These are general steps but hopefully they will get you in the right area to confirm what the app is.

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That is what is confusing when I look at all the apps nothing shows. She has the original Moto g. It only shows as an icon on that one screen.

Can you just hold and drag the widget to remove. Granted, it’s been so long since I’ve had that phone, I can’t remember.


Yes I just tried adding the widget and that is the same icon. Thanks for your help.

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