New user here, blindsided by spam calls



Recently I switched from project FI to RW and unfortunately did not pay much attention during
the transfer to the fine print, acronyms and legalese. I started getting a flood of telemarketing and other weird calls right after… I felt violated, especially during a difficult time when I was dealing with death in my family, as well as a career transition when calls from unknown numbers are best answered.
Some aggressive marketers rang me as early as 6:30am and as late as 10pm.
I made a point to start answering these calls and ask them “how dare you call me?” and “do not call this number ever again”, even though I know full well that this only makes matters worse.
I was and still am very upset every time they call.
My message to RW is simple - DO NOT under any circumstances let CPNI opt-in become the default without calling it out during signup as saliently as possible. Opt-out should be the default.
I’d gladly pay extra $$ to you RW, if you’d spare me the humiliation and feeling of being violated by a bunch of filthy telemarketers.
It is definitely not a good way to welcome a new user into the fold, feels like a cold shower.
BTW: 1) I kept my preexisting spam free number, this was not a new number activation, so a bad recycled number explanation does not apply. and 2) I receive a lot of the spam calls while on wifi, rarely on cell networks because most of the time I am surrounded by good wifi


I say it is coming in on the underlying number, when a call comes in check to see if the screen show it is coming in on cell or wifi.

spammers will never give up and the underlying number has been recycled so many times everyone one seems to go through this mess… and your right answering the call when it comes in and telling them to stop does really no good…

so depending on your model of phone you may be able to block the call or you may need to install a call blocker,
you can if it is sooooo bad open a help ticket and ask support to change your underlying number but could be just as bad


You have my deepest sympathy for your loss and difficult situation.

Republic Wireless does NOT give your your phone number to ANYONE. To opt-out of CPNI Marketing Emails, please see:

Here is a link to RW’s current Privacy Policy. In particular see What Information Do We Collect - General:

As was mentioned by @TheDoctor this is probably a result of the underlying number for the phone. If this persists you can contact RW and request a change to the number.


Hi @sniko781,

First, please accept my condolences regarding the death in your family. Second, welcome to the Republic Wireless Community,

I believe, @TheDoctor’s diagnosis of why you are receiving the referenced marketing calls is likely accurate. I encourage you to raise a help ticket with Republic staff, so they might assist with this. You may do so when signed into your Republic account here: Tickets | Republic Wireless.

Regarding Republic’s use of CPNI, please know while one must proactively opt-out, Republic does not share our CPNI with third parties for the purpose of those third parties directly marketing to us. The permitted use Republic hopes we’ll accept (and we may choose not to) is for Republic itself to market additional products and services it thinks might be of interest to us. The most obvious example being receiving emails regarding sales or other promotional pricing. At times, Republic might contract with third parties in executing its marketing. For better or worse, this is standard practice across a variety of industries.

Republic describes its intended use of CPNI (and how to opt-out here): Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) – Republic Help. Quoting the specific language I reference in the preceding paragraph:

We will not sell, trade or share your CPNI with any third-party where they will market directly to you.

To me, these aren’t merely words. I’ve been a Republic member since late 2014. From time to time, Republic sends me marketing solicitations (I’ve not opted-out). I’ve never received marketing solicitations directly from a third party as a result of any information shared with a third party by Republic.


My condolences to you and your family,
Others have given good advice on how to handle this so I leave it here
Good luck


Thank you all for the clarification.
Now I understand that CPNI did not broadcast my number to telemarketers which I had erroneously assumed.
I’ve opened a ticket with RW per your suggestions to change the hidden phone number to another one.


Hi @sniko781,

Thanks so much for raising your concern in our Community. I’m glad our members were able to explain that your number has not been sold or given to telemarketers.

I’m very sorry to read that you experienced such trouble, made worse by the fact that it came during a difficult time. Our team will be glad to make that change for you, and if it doesn’t solve the problem right away, please let them know; sometimes it can take a try or two, but they’ll gladly keep at it. We don’t like spam calls, either.

I hope the career transition has gone well. Thank you for switching from Fi, and despite the “cold shower,” we welcome you to Republic Wireless!