New Version of Phone App

I was just on a long call. 30 minutes into the call it dropped. I called the person back. She said she heard a loud BRRRRRP sound as the call dropped. I heard nothing, in fact I continued talking to nobody for 20-30 seconds before I sensed that something was wrong.

Next we continued to talk for quite some time and on finishing up, I was in the middle of saying that other than that one drop I thought the call quality had been pretty good this time. In the past I had needed to resort to a backup phone when talking to her because she always complained of a noisy connection.

Anyway, just as I was saying that it dropped again. She had already treied to call me back and got a message saying that my mailbox was not set up yet.

Meanwhile I had lost control of the phone and eventually got a message that the Republic app had crashed, followed by another message saying that the Republic app was continuously crashing.

I rebooted the phone and since it was plugged into power some updated apps started automatically downloading. One of them was the app called “phone”.

I also had a notification icon (but on the right) that consisted of a white circle with a minus sign in it. I’ve never seen this and don’t know what it means.

Since one of the basic apps (phone) had been updated I decided to reboot again to make sure everything was in sync.

Now everything seems to be normal, except I still have that white circle with a minus sign.

What does this mean?

Finally, and I just tested this: If I call myself on my RW phone (thank goodness I have a few backup phones I get a message saying that the RW user has a mailbox that is not set up yet (maybe that has to do with the minus sign). I’m 100% sure my voicemail was set up previously.

Never mind on the white circle. I figured out that that was “do not disturb” mode, a feature I’ve never knowingly used. Maybe the other problems caused it to turn on somehow or maybe I accidentally activated it.

But the other problems I still have no explanation for.

Voicemail seem to be working again too.

Hopefully, you have updated to RW app to the level mentioned inRepublic Wireless App Updates

I just checked to be sure. I am on

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