New VoiceMail Problem

My Extend Home phone signals that I have new voicemail by blinking and having a stuttering dialtone. The telephone screen also says, “New Voice Mail.” After I retrieved my last VM message, these signals are persisting. I have dialed *98 repeatedly, only to find that I have no new voicemail. How can I get the blinking and stuttering to stop?

Have you tried unplugging the Extend Home from power and plugging it back in after 10 seconds or so?

Don’t know why I didn’t try that before posting, as it has fixed other problems in the past. Anyway, thanks for the reminder. It did the trick!

Now if I could just get my EH phone to ring on incoming calls. Lately, most of my calls ring on the cell phone only.

Calls not ringing in to an Extend Home are usually related to a flakey internet connection. Do you lose your internet connection with any frequency?

Occasionally I do lose my connection. But just now while I’m on the internet, I got a call from my daughter which only rang the cell phone, so go figure.

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