New way to answer calls on my MOTO X 2nd GEN?

** New way to answer calls on my MOTO X 2nd GEN? Today a call came in and the icons (white/red) were stacked on top of each other (instead of side by side). It seemed like I was unable to swipe, and tried to press the top/white one, and then had to press the red. I knew it was a telemarketer, and had intended to answer and hang up - but couldn’t. Anyone see this new set-up?**

Sounds more like a glitch in the display. If it happens again, you should consider clearing cache and see if that fixes it

Clearing the Cache

@jamesr.cqtjca , I too have seen this once or twice though don’t remember which phone. @amitl 's suggestion is a good one to do occasionally even when not seeing glaring issues, it should “tuneup” your phone a bit and usually will increase time between charges(TBC). Believe mine were just spurious faults that required no corrective action. Please update if you continue to see this odd behavior.

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