New Year, New You! (New Community Username!)


New Year

The new year is often a time for retrospection and resolutions toward improving oneself. Here in the office some of us are participating in a challenge where we commit to making some changes about ourselves for the next couple of weeks. We have to give up one “bad” thing and add one “good” thing. We’re grouped into teams and we encourage our team members to stick with those commitments. This challenge also incorporates a “DIY project” for each team to complete.

It’s all just for fun, and I’m not really sure if there’s a prize for winning, but I signed up. I’m giving up sweets. Some co-workers are giving up alcohol, carbs, and “hitting the snooze button.” I’ve decided to add some extra exercise to each day, which was the most common choice among those participating.

New You

What about you? Have you made any changes for 2018?

New Community Username

Here’s an easy change! If you’re a member of our Community and you realize you have a really strange auto-assigned username, like fredb.gqw8cb or, worse, 1c23b39a-19e5-4064-b reply in this thread and let us know what name you’d prefer. (Perhaps give us a couple of choices, as your top pick might already be taken.) We’ll change your username and let you know when it has been done.

See? Change doesn’t have to be difficult… just keep those Girl Scout cookies away from me!


Welcome to the Republic Wireless Community
Setup Wireless Authentication Problem correct password Moto e4 plus

Maybe I should make a quick hypno call on the downtown RW popup shop. :relaxed:

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Energy Savings

  • Give up shoveling show!
  • Devote more time to finding easier ways to do things
    • If those with the unwanted names just start their response to @southpaw by typing
      @ sign (no spaces) then your desired name you will see the names begin to appear… type away until the popup goes blank and the last name you tried is available
    • Example @thisismyfavoritename … actually went blank after the @thisism


@southpaw, how ironic. I gave up exercise and started munching on more sweets.

I think I’ll keep my username. After five years I can finally remember what it is. Most of the time. :wink:



I am giving up on people I know that just bring me down or drag me down to their level of everyone is against them or suppressing them. I also will try and make money by working online buying & selling what I can for a profit.

In example over December I bought 50 nintendo style game boxes with all the games we grew up playing (620 games) and sold them for $60 with a tidy profit each on Offerup, Letgo, & Ebay…



I would like to change user name back to telemon1 please.
Or morris the cat.



:sparkle: POOF :sparkle:

You’re @telemon1!



Thank southpaw




OK time for a new moniker here for me as long as number9 is good to go with. Thanks.




I’m afraid number9 is already taken @williamo.vkbg0s.



Eh, why not. beachb to beachbowi



Well… because as active as you’ve been over the years, making such a change will leave a trail of dead-end @mentions to @beachb, because Discourse does’t update all the past mentions scattered throughout our history.

The offer was extended with these types of usernames in mind.

Is this really a change you want to make?

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You have a good point. I withdraw my request. Thanks!



Could I get the “.jkpqoa” pulled off of my username?

If morghanj is taken (unlikely, but hey), I’d go with Arsoth as well.



:tada: POOF :tada:

You are now known by the much more pronounceable @morghanj. Go forth and do good in our Community!

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How about ford44 or fordsmith?



Unwanted usernames? just Respond to @southpaw via this thread

@then start typing your desired name (no spaces you will see the names begin to popup … type away until the popup goes blank and the last tried is available
Example @thisismyfavoritename … actually went blank after the @thisism
If the name you want shows in the popup, it is already taken



:zap: ZAP :zap: You’re now @ford44!

(Betcha thought I was going to say, “POOF!”)

You have a great, friendly-looking avatar, too. Now, please don’t be shy around here!



Happy New Year to all. I gave up all animal products, cigarettes and sugar candy starting back in the 2nd week of December and have started eating a whole food, plant-based diet and started working out.

Can you change my username to tomloc, or tomloc18?



since it hasn’t been taken, I think I will take for my userid:



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