Newbie! Appears we are on the border between service areas - how should we proceed?



We are about to set up service for our two teens and are right on the line of 2 zip codes (crossing the street changes it). If I put in ours, it says “these phones” work & if I put in the other (which is also where they visit often w/grandparents) it makes a change in recommendations. Now, the phone we plan to get them - Moto G4 Play - is on both lists, but will it work correctly if it’s in that other zip area? In other words, are we in a CDMA & they are in GSM? Is it a sim card thing? FWIW, the best coverage in our area seems to be on the Verizon-type network.
Just want to get it right from the get-go! Thanks!!


Do you have existing RW service ? Does it work on both the zip codes of interest to you?

If, yes, then your best option is to go with second zip code that limits the number of phones…that will ensure that you get CDMA coverage with your new Moto G4 Play phones.

When the coverage checker filters out phones…then you are essentially better served by the CDMA partner and that’s the coverage you will get on your phone. The filter is filtering out the GSM only phones which wouldn’t work in that zone.


No, no RW yet & don’t know of anyone in our area who does to check. We’re
about to set up 2 phones for our teens on RW. DH & I have non-contract
verizon-based service, but like the idea of cellular + WiFi (& may switch
ourselves if this goes well). Wish I could check via physical address for
better accuracy. Since some phones (i.e. Moto G4S Play) work for both CDMA
& GSM does the zip determine sim card type you’re sent?
We are getting the phones from a source where they come compatible with all


RW has two coverage partners - Sprint for CDMA and a GSM partner that they cannot identify by name for contractual obligations…but it is easy to figure out if you browse these forums.

RW’s coverage checker picks the best coverage for you if you buy the phone from RW. So, you would get a phone with a CDMA SIM or GSM SIM card depending on what the coverage checker determines will provide the best coverage for you.

If you buy the phone elsewhere then you can buy a GSM SIM card from RW. The same SIM card is also available for sale from Amazon. CDMA SIM is not available for Bring-your-own-phone option.


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