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In a nutshell, I like the size of the iphone S5 but want an android smartphone. I’d like something that’s “thin” but not the latest and greatest 6 core wonderphone. Good enough camera. Quality brand, well made. No wonky problems.

I’m not a texter and won’t watch media on the phone but will check email and maps.

If anyone could steer me towards some inexpensive choices, like under $120, I think I’d also lean towards something unlocked if that’s possible in that price range.

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Under $120 your choices with Republic right now are going to be limited to phones that operate on the GSM partner, which may or may not have good coverage in your area.

If you can stretch a bit, I would recommend the G4: Moto G⁴ | Republic Wireless

It meets your criteria and provides the option to use either network partner in order to get the best coverage.

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