Next time RW talks with T-mobile and Sprint

Last night, my wife and I went to Louisburg, NC. She has a Moto E4+ (Sprint) and I have a Nexus 6P (T-mobile). Within 5 miles of a good size city, we lost any reliable cell signal. Thank goodness the place we went to had wi-fi. Still, the next time RW talks with their cell providers, it would be helpful to mention the crappy service we get around North Carolina in good sized cities. (New Port and Morehead City are another iffy reception cities).

Hi @moto-rrd

Yes, no service is certainly frustrating. T-mobile and Sprint just announced this.

I suspect that you are in an area the has neither great Sprint or great T-mobile coverage, so, not sure that is helpful.

On the other hand, some partnered or married have found it beneficial to have two different networks when travelling, just say’in.

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I live in Hubert, and go to New Berne and MHC fairly regularly, and have never had issues. Well, with the Sprint service. We briefly had a TM SIM in my wife’s X Pure when we first received it, but RW graciously sent us a Sprint SIM after comparing a G3 and X Pure side by side during a trip to MHC.

That said, admittedly, neither are as good a US Cellular or verizon, but neither of those companies provide the choices RW provides. If they could offer US Cellular as an alternate Carrier, I’d be on board with that. I absolutely hate verizon (because of how they treated us as land-line customers in Warren County, MO) and would never use them as a service that cost me money. If the organization folded tomorrow, I would be most happy.


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Ha-ha @gap

I knew I remembered,

Unfortunately, that is what “carriers” are all about. TMo+Sprint may be a good thing, but if not strong in your area, Att/Vverizon are going to rule.

Regarding Carriers, in this area, (IMO) US Cellular is the best. AT&T is worse than TM or Sprint.

In regards to verizon, I had no choice in them, as they weren’t a “carrier”. They bought out CONTEL to get all their non-landline resources, pilfered the landline resources as much as possible, and then sold the landline portion to CentryTel.

If verizon only needed a penny from me to keep their whole US network from falling apart, I’d put that penny into an US Cellular gumball machine and enjoy the bubblegum. :slight_smile:


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Only time I have even heard of US Cellur is that they are a part of the 3 networks that Google Project Fi can use.

There are a few locations where US Cellular is the best network [usually where they set up first and the other providers haven’t bothered to put up towers] [my grandmother in-law happens to be in an area like these no coverage on any other providers]

People who have experience with Sprint and T-mo (like RW subscribers) quickly learn that their coverage is best along major routes, but tend to be notoriously spotty once you get off the major routes. That’s why it is best to use at navigation app that doesn’t rely on mobile data to stream the maps. That doesn’t help, though, if you need to call AAA in a no-signal area.

Sprint and T-mo getting together might help speed the introduction of 5G data, as they claim. But, with that as their focus, that would likely result in slower progress on building up their coverage network.

It would be a good idea for at least one of a frequently traveling couple (depending on where the travel) to have either VZN or ATT service on their phone. T-Mo/Sprint coverage is just too spotty in many places.


What frustrates me is the T-Mobile and the Sprint coverage maps that show 4G - even slow 2G service - yet reality gives you no-service. Since I’m just a single voice in the cell phone world, I kinda hope RW can pass along our frustration to the powers-that-be at T-Mobile and Sprint.

Just a thought…

You have a voice here @moto-rrd


I ended up switch to Google Fi since I was going to the White Mountains of NH, and I expected cell signal to be marginal at best. Fortunately, Google Fi switches between T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular and I had great reception most of the time. My wife’s RW Moto E4 didn’t fare as well and had to wait until we got to our rental’s wifi.

Granted, the T-Mo and Sprint cell networks are not quite as robust in rural areas at the other two biggies. But, for the savings I get with Republic Wireless, I feel the trade off is reasonable, and not all that inconvenient. Just 10 or 12 years ago, I would travel for days at a time with no cell phone at all. My world did not come to an end. I called my voicemail service to get my calls, and returned the important ones. :sunglasses:

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