Nextbit Robin

I’m currently on Republic Wireless but would love to upgrade to the Nextbit Robin. It uses the same ATT and Tmobile network, but when I went to - Check if your phone works on a network it showed that it would not work and I don’t understand why.

The phone must have the Marshmallow or higher operating system and be compatible with Republic’s hybrid phone calling. You can request the phone be added here: Survey: Bring Your Own Approved Phone

The phone is running marshmallow and is or will soon be at 7.0. Plus it works on all of these bands.

  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • HSPA 850/900/1700/1800/1900/2100
  • LTE Bands 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/19/20/28

Hi @gft77,

There is more to Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service than minimum operating system requirements and cellular network compatibility. Republic’s unique (sufficiently unique to be patented) blended service is enabled by the Republic app. Republic has tested and qualified its app as working on the phones listed here: Bring Your Own Phone FAQs. If a specific phone (and in some cases specific software builds) isn’t listed there, Republic hasn’t qualified the phone as working. Consequently, Republic’s app will not activate the phone.

Republic has stated additional phones will be qualified over time. The best way to let Republic know there is interest in the Nextbit Robin is for you and others to complete the survey @marshallh pointed you to. The more potential demand Republic sees for a particular phone the more likely they are to test and (if possible) qualify it.

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