Nexus 5 is randomly clicking buttons and hanging up calls

My nexus 5 randomly just hits buttons on its own. When I’m sending a text it will hit random letters or symbols, or etc. When I’m surfing the net it will close the window or click next by itself. When I’m leaving a voicemail it will terminate the call also by itself.

I’ve had these problems since I first got the phone in December 2016. Someone suggested I try clearing the cache-which I did, but it didn’t do anything.

The phone would be pretty great if it wasn’t for this, but this is a MAJOR problem. Really fed up with this phone.

Hi @amandah.un44jp,

Sorry to hear of the experience with your Nexus 5X.

Since you’ve already tried Clearing the Cache, you might give Safe Mode a shot to rule out a misbehaving third party app. The problem with Safe Mode is it will also disable Republic’s app meaning your phone won’t work as intended while in Safe Mode.

If it were me, I’d proceed straight to a Factory Reset. If the issue survives a factory reset, it’s likely a hardware issue requiring warranty support from the manufacturer.

Here is a link to the Nexus Help Center:

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