Nexus 5x opinions?

So I’ve had a Nexus 5x for about 3 months. It works fine, but I was reading about multiple problems users are having as the phone ages (endless bootloop being the biggie). I also noticed that Republic is no longer selling this phone. Should I be considering a different (i.e., more reliable) phone? The reason I went with the Nexus 5x in the first place was it was a midrange phone and I like the screen size. Any thoughts?

Discussion groups are often skewed as they represent by a disproportionate margin people searching for fixes for their issues or sometimes folks venting for issues that might not be specific to the phone.

If the phone is working well for you, then I wouldn’t be too concerned about it. It is definitely helpful to keep an eye out for macro-issues…and regardless of the state of your phone there is no substitute for having a good backup of your personal data, in case you ever end up having any issues with your phone.

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the only reason Republic stop carrying the phone was that LG stop making it (which happens to most phone models after 1.5-2 years of production

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If it’s working, don’t worry about it. It’s a good phone.

The Nexus 5X is an older phone; RW, like most carriers, phase out older phones.

Google is only supporting the 5X until September 2017; it’s at end of life. The Google Pixel is the replacement.

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Ok guys, thanks for the input, makes me feel a bit better about it! :grinning:

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