Nexus 5x, purchase?

What happened to the nexus 5x by lg? I do not see it for sale in the phone section.

Hi @bryans.lxnqtt,

We have permanently sold out of the Nexus 5X.

So no chance,no way,no how will anyone be able to purchase a new nexus 5x from RW in the future? If so, how can i get the “live” chat window open so that I could talk with a rep to check another phone’s compatibility? I have used the RW app but i would also like them to check the phones imei # just to make sure. TY

Hi @bryans.lxnqtt,

You have correctly understood our out-of-stock situation with the Nexus 5X.

I’m not sure what you’re wanting checked about another phone, but I could help you. We don’t check the phone’s compatibility by IMEI. If you have the phone and you’ve confirmed its compatibility with the RW app, what else are you wanting to know? Are you wanting to be sure the IMEI is clean? (Not reported as stolen). If so, you might try the ESN tool on Swappa’s website.

No I do not have the phone itself. We purchased my wife a Moto x pure about 2 months ago from RW; however, before we did so we were looking for a phone to bring to RW and I had chatted with a rep on a couple of occasions via a live chat window (which does not show up on the web page any longer) and the rep checked several phones that we were looking at on Ebay to make sure they were compatible with RW. None of the phones were and after two weeks of looking we gave up trying to find a used phone to bring and purchased the moto x pure. The reps I chatted with before, via the web portal, said contact us anytime if you have a question whether or not an outside phone will work with RW. I have checked the phone by the model # via Rw’s page to do so, but I am sure the reps told me before " just to make sure you can give us the IMEI # or serial #, in addition to the model so they could check to make sure it will work." That is all i am trying to find out so i don’t buy a used phone that i do not need.

Thanks for the details. I looked to see who you chatted with before and I think I see what she was checking. I’ll DM you to get the IMEI you currently have. Please check your Community inbox here: for a message from me in a few minutes.

If Livechat is not available you can always check with our Experts from our Help page. They are very good at determining device compatibility.

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