Nexus 5x - Showing As Unsupported Phone


Phone Brand: LG
Phone Model: Nexus 5X
Phone Generation: 5X
Plan: I Dont Have RW Yet.
Plan Option: NA

##Issue Description

I installed RW android app and it shows that my device is currently an unsupported phone. But i have a LG Nexus 5X and in the website it shows as supported phone. Kindly advice on how to confirm if my device will support RW or not.


Hi @c.arthanari,

The first question is have you verified the Nexus 5X in question is the North American factory unlocked variant designated model LGH790? Model LGH791, the international variant is not supported.

Presuming it is model LGH790, are you running a custom ROM or beta version of Android? You need a stock Android build to activate the phone on Republic.

More detail here:


I had the same error when I first received my Nexus 5X last September. I was sure I had purchased the correct version. After running updates, it became supported. I don’t remember any details, but there were articles on the web that helped me find the solution.

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