Nexus 5X won't connect to wifi

My Moto E signed on to wifi at my work site with no problem. I recently switched to the Nexus 5x and it does not connect to wifi at my work site. It goes through the process of connecting and then continues to say that it’s connected to cell. Since I have not ended my Moto E service just yet, I checked to make sure the Moto E works at work still and it does.

Any ideas??

Is the Republic app telling you it is connected to cell? Do you see a triangle, a hollow arc or a solid white arc in the top left corner? In Settings, WiFi does it say “connected?”

On the Nexus I have no icon in the top left. Wi-Fi setting says I’m connected. The pull down notification says I’m connected to cell. The republic app on the Nexus is different from the Moto E and doesn’t indicate one way or the other. The app isn’t as functional on the Nexus.

Yes, the Republic app on the Nexus is different from the Republic Wireless app on the Moto E but it still puts it’s status on the notification strip and in the pull-down notification shade. If that isn’t happening try uninstalling and reinstalling it. The Republic app needs all of the permissions it requests when it is installed.

It is also possible Google put something on the phone that Fi uses that needs to be uninstalled or disabled. I can’t comment further on that because I haven’t been on Fi.

Hi billig

The nexus 5x for me worked ok an had no tbl with it on RW The app worked just fine The only

reason I did not stay on RW is TMO sig is crap On FI i could swtich to Sprint an have a solid signal

etc,etc. And now no byop for cdma on RW.


I believe there will eventually be a BYOD cdma option. I can’t speak to all models but I do know that Sprint will sell you a SIM for the S7 on-line but you have to bring both the phone and SIM to a Sprint store to have their nerds activate it. This must be a PITA for Sprint (and a sale killer) so I’m sure they are working on a way to activate their phones over WiFi like T-Mobile has. Apparently Fi has worked this out with them but Google has a lot of clout and a lot of talent.

I won’t pretend to know exactly what magic Fi uses to switch among partner cellular networks. Perhaps, it’s an LTE roaming agreement among the participants? LTE based on GSM rather than CDMA would be compatible across TMO, Sprint and U.S. Cellular. It’s never been clear to me whether Fi is able to switch directly from a 3G or 2G GSM connection to a 3G or 2G CDMA connection.

I do know that Fi’s numbers are exclusively with T-Mobile not Sprint or U.S. Cellular. Everything begins on TMO’s network. Unless using an underlying number sceme similar to Republic’s, Fi’s phones may not be “activated” on either Sprint or U.S. Cellular per se.

Hi rolandh

I have a app called fi switch It was put out for the fi system by Devon Witherall it it does all the switching for all 4 net works.

I have noticed that the cell net works have there owen towers an ID,s an tells what /carrier an sim operator it is that you are

useing I have not seen TMO underlying info any where. only when i switch to TMO then gives all the info.

I will post a copy of the info Later Just a thought may be some one might have a ldea on this.


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