NEXUS 6 and OREO - Why not?


Does anyone know why Google is not providing OREO to NEXUS 6 users?



Nexus 6 has a 32 bit processor, and Google just didn’t want to. The Nexus 6 has likely received it’s last major OS update, and perhaps its last security update.

Still, I’m keeping my Nexus 6 for a while. It wasn’t going to be that way. I was going to get a Moto X4 on Project Fi, but the production delay announced last night gave me cold feet. I’ll wait until some early adopters try the new phones before I jump in and replace the trusty old Nexus 6.



Google’s Nexus / Pixel policy has been OS updates for 2 years, security patches for 3. The Nexus has received its two updates (released on Lollipop, updated to Marshmallow and then Nougat).

For the Pixel 2, Google has now said it will provide 3 years of OS updates.


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