Nexus 6: No SIM Card error after reboot, if there's no cell service


Nexus 6, My Choice + 1GB plan

I often spend my weekends outside in areas that don’t have reliable cell service. I’ve found on at least a dozen occasions that my phone will give me a No SIM Card error if I turn it off then back on in an area without cell or wifi coverage. Even once I get back in a cell coverage area, it says that the phone must be activated, which requires wifi. Imagine my bummer when I can’t use my phone for the 4 hour drive back from Yosemite! I’ve taken to just putting the phone in airplane mode, but if it gets really cold out the phone shuts down and I have the issue.


Thanks for sharing your experience. At least your car started and didn’t need to call for help.

It would be nice to know if this is a known issue for 3.0 phones in general?

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