Nexus 6P Boot Loop problems

I’m on the modern Republic plan (1GB data, unlimited whatever else) with a Nexus 6P.

A few weeks ago (2?) I started experiencing what I took to be battery life issues (short battery life, sudden no-warning reboots at 50% battery life, showing 5% after the reboot, etc.).

Yesterday, however, the phone wouldn’t boot - it just shows a Google logo over and over. This is apparently known as a “boot loop” problem.

I can get to the bootloader (holding power and volDown), but my options there are:
1 - Start (brings me back to square 1)
2 - Reboot (brings me back to square 1)
3 - Barcodes (displays some barcodes shrug)
4 - Recovery Mode.

Recovery Mode has some more options (brings up a ‘no command’ screen that you can select options from by pressing Power/volDown):
1 - Wipe Cache partition (did it, no effect)
2 - Wipe data / factory reset (did it unhappily, no effect)
… some other options (reboot system and reboot to bootloader have no effect)
… other options (apply update from XXX… I don’t have any updates to apply, would prefer to run RW stock)
… some other nonsense (system logs, etc.)
I ran the graphics test (why not click all the buttons?) and it gave an “Error!” then a “System updating!”, and went back to its fun bootloop.

My bootloader display is:
BL: angler-03.79
Baseband: angler-03.85
…[some stuff]…
Console: NULL
Battery OK
Device is LOCKED
Qfuse Status: ENABLED
Off-Mode-Charge: ENABLED
Download Mode: DISABLED
Connect USB Data Cable

I’m on the latest/greatest deployed via RW stock.

Any help/tips/suggestion? My gut feeling is battery, but if it were the battery it would boot when connected to the charging cable. The turbocharge cable provides more than enough power to boot from. Further, the boot menu indicates “Battery OK”.

If RW was a more traditional cell phone carrier, I would be bringing the device to the store at this point (out of buttons to push, trepidations about custom kernels). Open to help here. Anybody have any help? Suggestions? Problems?

Contact Huawei support:

Language: English / Spanish / French / Mandarin
Num: 888.5HUAWEI / 888.548.2934
Time: English / Spanish: Monday - Sunday 7:00am – 9:00pm (CST); French / Mandarin: Monday – Friday 7:00am – 9:00pm (CST)


Ugh. Turns out it is a motherboard issue? Apparently there is a class-action lawsuit about it? Gross.

Any idea if I can swap my Sim into an unlocked/refurb Moto X Pure?

as long as the model number is XT1575

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