Nexus 6p chooses cell calling over Wifi?

I’m a longtime RW customer, who just (earlier this week) retired my RW Moto X 1st gen and activated my Nexus 6p with RW.

Tonight, at home and with the 6p definitely successfully connected to my home wifi (and with the home wifi and its connection to the internet working fine for other purposes) my 6p keeps trying to make outgoing phone calls over the cell network instead of the wifi. This is not good because the cell signal here is marginal and varies a lot from moment to moment- resulting in the 6p trying to dial over cell, but having the call fail.

Given that the whole focus of RW is shifting data throughput off of the cell network and over wifi, why on earth is this happening and how do I get the 6p to always initiate and stick to wifi calling when it has a good wifi signal?

Thanks in advance

Don’t know whether you’ve gone there or not, but this sounds like a good issue for RW support to me.

Check here: Open the Republic app and tap the gear icon in the upper right. Tap ‘Advanced settings’ and go down and tap ‘Enable handover on networks’ then uncheck the entry for your router.

glarepate wrote:

‘Enable handover on networks’ then uncheck the entry for your router.

???, then what? Won’t that disable handover to WiFi when @trevorinvt wants to stay on it?

EDIT: I read in a help document that @glarepate is indeed spot on.

To prevent calls from handing over to cell while you’re on a WiFi network, un-check the box next to the network name. Handover will no longer occur when you’re connected to that WiFi network.

Do to some recent changes made to the ‘Bonded Calling’ (see this comment from Republic) … I would agree with @mr_doh and open a Ticket as you may be experiencing something they could use the information on. Ticket can be opened from the RW App on the phone or Republic Help

Thank you all for the suggestions. For now I have tried the un-check of the handover for my home network, and will see how that seems to go. If that fails to resolve it, I will check further with RW. Thanks again

Thank you for taking the time to check into this.

My thinking was based on him being connected to Wi-Fi and not switching over to cell rather than the converse. I appreciate you digging up an official statement on how it works.

I consider the un-check of handover as more of a diagnostic tool … if unchecked the full benefit of Adaptive Calling is defeated and you will remain locked to your WiFi … regardless of its quality and it does not find or fix the problem and unfortunately the current RW App doesn’t provide any feedback to the user to help us determine what can be done to improve the situation.

The handover is controlled by examination of things like the amount of jitter, latency, dropped packets, link speed, and signal strength (at the phone level) and conditions seen at the Republic servers. When a user opens a Ticket, and outlines the time of the ‘failure’ they often can examine data in the backend to help find the cause of our problems. These efforts have led to the continuous improvements that we all can benefit from.

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