Nexus 6p Corrupt Issue


Phone: Nexus 6P
Plan: 2GB data

Issue: Last night the phone said that the data was corrupted and it needed a factory reset. That was the only option it gave. Now it gets to a screen that says "Your device is corrupt. It can’t be trusted and may not work properly. Visit this link on another device:" Then it tries to boot but just sits at a black screen with the white word “Google” forever. If you try shutting it off, it will and then comes back to the screen I mentioned above. The only thing It says below the message is to press power to pause booting.

I don’t know where to start. I tried searching the forums but no topic seemed to match this one.



I searched on “Your device is corrupt” as I don’t trust url’s that I don’t recognize … found this from
Google Support that references the problem you encountered


I found that as well. Is that going to be my best bet is go through what that site mentions? I thought I’d start here just in case.

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As the reference is from the manufacture, I would trust them and start their, unless someone with a Nexus 6P offers an alternative (I don’t have the phone)

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Okay, thanks!

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