Nexus 6P froze, then shut off, won't restart

I have a Nexus 6P since December 2016. Had the battery replaced by a professional in June 2019.

I am on the “My Choice + 1GB” plan

Tonight I went to use my phone, and it froze up and wouldn’t respond, just had an unresponsive home screen. Then the screen went black. Wouldn’t turn back on. I’ve charged it for 45 minutes and it still will not turn on (so far I have just tried pushing the power button, both briefly and holding it down.

I have never before had any sign of the dreaded ‘bootloop’ problem that’s a known fault of the 6P. I know that this phone is getting older but it still suits my needs very well.

I greatly appreciate any help in seeing if I can hopefully get it working again.

Hi @trevorinvt

Try holding in the power button for 2 minutes.
I know you said you tried…

… But try holding it in for 2 full minutes.
Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Tried holding the power button for a full 2+ minutes- tried that twice now, 10-15 minutes apart. Still nothing…

I was mistaken for that model… please try:

Volume Down button and the Power button both together until the recovery screen appears.

Please see if that helps.

I’m sorry your phone is dead. This was an issue that was addressed in a Class Action settlement in 2019, the deadline for the claim was September 3rd.

At this point it’s doubtful the phone is covered, but it doesn’t hurt to contact manufacturer. They might be able to repair it:

Thanks for the continued suggestions. I tried holding down the power and volume down buttons together( for 3+ minutes) … nothing. Then, just in case, tried the power and volume up buttons together (for 3+ minutes) … nothing. Also tried pressing each combination of volume/ power briefly… nothing.

I’d hoped that since I’d made it 3 years without running into the 6P’s vulnerabilities that maybe my specimen or my usage wouldn’t fall into this, but it looks like I am skunked.

I’ve been a pleased and loyal RW customer since 2013- DefyXT, original MotoX, then the 6P. and introduced a number of friends and family to RW, but looking at the current RW phone offerings, I’m kind of ‘meh’… only the Moto e6 has a draw for me, and simply because of its combination of value + user removable/ replaceable battery. The wifi seamlessness is essential to me because I lack reliable cell signal at my house, but I may look at Google Fi

I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work .
Sounds like @littletoucan’s suggestion might be something to look at.

Me too! :slight_smile:
I started with the original Moto X then went to the original Pixel. I loved that phone, but like your 6P it had a factory flaw that I had gotten away with for a few years. I now have the Pixel 3a and love it.

Same! Both cell partners that Republic uses fail to reach my apartment. I, (like you it appears), live at home on Wifi calling. It’s what brought to Republic. For my little data needs and being on Wifi at home Republic is cheaper then Fi.

Speaking of Republic having 2 partners, it’s possible that you have only experienced one of them and you might be able to have better cell coverage at home if you try the other. If you like the Community can look into this for you. There are Member on here that are good at using coverage maps based on your zip code.

Just something to think about. :slight_smile:
I’m sure Republic appreciates you being a Member for so long and would love to continue being your provider.

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I’ll admit to being perplexed by the seeming lack of interest in Google’s Pixel 3a, which Republic does sell. It’s the natural successor to your Google Nexus 6P and, similarly priced to what the 6P sold for when it was new.

Re: Pixel 3a, thank you for the suggestion, but the Nexus 6P has definitely quashed my interest in spending premium amounts of money for a supposedly premium phone. I didn’t have the bootloop problem (at least not until last night) that afflicted the 6Ps but I did have battery problems. And I’ve never before had a phone die completely without warning and without any physical trauma to the phone. Between those factors (and having heard mixed reactions to the Pixels) and how quickly even premium devices fall behind, I just want “reasonably well-functioning, reliable, good value” didn’t mean to rant, just frustrated.

Hi @trevorinvt,

I appreciate your perspective, however and for what it’s worth, the industry doesn’t consider $400 - $500 to be premium. The industry (phone manufacturers not service providers like Republic) considers that to be “mid-range”. Premium as defined by the industry is represented by Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy S series or Google’s Pixel 4s. The manufacturers would also consider getting 3 years use out of one’s phone to be perfectly reasonable. My point isn’t to argue with you but rather to offer context.

One might certainly spend considerably less for a lower end phone such as the Moto E6 but if coming from a higher end device, one is likely to find lower end options to be pedestrian.

You also mention Fi as a potential alternative. Please know Fi currently sells precisely one “made for Fi” phone besides Google’s Pixels, that being the Moto G7, which Republic also sells.

It’s true one may source a phone elsewhere and use it with Fi (this is also possible with Republic compatible phones); however, if it’s not a “made for Fi” phone, using Fi would be no different an experience than using another service provider using T-Mobile’s network. All that fancy Fi multiple cellular network switching requires a “made for Fi” phone.

The difference between it and Republic would simply be that instead of $15 talk/text and $5/GB of data you’d be paying $20 for talk/text and $10/GB of data. With the GSM SIM Republic also operated on the T-Mobile network so it would be precisely the same coverage. So the experience would be different, in the wallet! :slight_smile:


Thank you all for the continued input. I’ve succeeded (thanks to help in another thread here!) in getting my old RW MotoX1 running again (and it is working surprisingly well). I appreciate the info you are all sharing. With my MotoX1 running to serve me as an interim arrangement, I have time to continue to investigate and learn. I’m leaning again more and more back towards RW, I have had nothing but fantastic experiences with the platform and with fellow users like all of you good folks, and I like how it’s not heavily marketed, etc.

I understand the point that in the device market, $400-500 is a “midpoint,” and that three years is “a long time” I just think that the whole thing has turned into insanity. Some of my interests involve vintage electronic equipment, and I have equipment that’s as old as 60-80 years that still is reliable as you could ask, performs very well for what it does, and is user-repairable to the point that with minor repair and maintenance, it could outlive me. I understand that I am not going to put 80 pound milspec communications gear or vintage audio vacuum tube amplifiers in my shirt pocket, it’s just a reference point for me that technology doesn’t have to be disposable and doesn’t have to be a vacuum cleaner shoved in my wallet…


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