Nexus 6P reflections after a month

So after my Moto X 2nd generation met a bad end I went out and got a Nexus 6p…

I’d been very pleased with the Moto line, with my only complaints being the curved back that made the phones spin while I swiped on a tabletop and the thin edges that made it hard to hold on to. The rubbery back covers, however, made up for it quite well and i was brave enough to even go naked with them. And when I did drop them, they proved to be a shock resistant tribute to Motorola quality.

So anyway I broke the Moto while on a ski trip to the Alps (a trip made possible by years of wireless savings). Now you’re probably hoping that a glacier headwall tumble, or at least a risky chairlift photo was to blame for the tragedy. Nope. It was nothing more than bar-dancing European women on my last night in Austria that made me fumble like Matt Ryan…

… Ok back to the Nexus. One of my new friends I had met on the trip had just gotten the 6p on Google Fi. I had to borrow his phone to make a call back home. I noticed the sharp, vivid wide screen. And the flat back case… Next thing I know, I had a case of phone envy. (Which was easy to do because mine was in pieces. Shards actually.)

So without further delay upon reaching home I promptly ordered the Nexus-- I must have still been in vacation mode and spending freely. I think I even ordered it Next Day Air. (That, and a favorable euro exchange rate meant I had a credit-card-bill shock in my near future).

So like a day later I have it in my glorious hands. And after a few hours of trying to recover my Google password, I’m all set up and I find myself twisting it furiously trying to get the camera to come on. Nothing. A few minutes later I’m chopping the phone vigorously trying to turn on the flashlight. And nothing. Then it dawns on me. “Miss Tuttles”, I say in a terrible British accent, “can I shake my Nexus 6p to turn on the flashlight?” Still nothing. Dammit. Even programming a new voice assistant isn’t a Nexus feature.

So a little later I’m sullen, somewhat frustrated and in bed. It had been a long day of setting up a new phone. I gaze over at the nightstand in the dark and wave my hand in front of the screen expecting to see a glowing reminder of how little sleep I was going to get before I had to go to work. …Darkness.

In retrospect, I think if you’ve never had a Moto you don’t even know what you’re missing. And while yes, there is a shortcut to turn on the camera on by pressing the power button twice, I can never get it to work. And then the rest of the time I’m turning it on by accident. It’s been a month now and I keep wondering when I’m going to find out what’s better about the Nexus. There’s gotta be some hidden nuggets here somewhere.

So for the new service plan…I do get data usage warnings that I never got before. Even though I never went over 2Gig in the past, now I’m nervous and I have to check it every day.

As for phone calls, I have had to deal with the echo thing couple times, and almost on a daily basis I find myself having to make multiple attempts at connecting a phone call. I guess the phones use different towers and there may be service limitations where there were none before.

And I guess the scariest thing so far just happened the other day. I left my phone in the car in the garage where it gets down to about 40 degrees. When I went out to retrieve it in the morning the screen had gone Haywire and it appeared that the LCD was shot. Luckily when I rebooted everything was fine; but now I hope there isn’t a problem with cold sensitivity.

Anyway, it’s my bedtime… Hope this helps somebody. G-nite!


As I noted in your other thread, I too went from a Moto-X (2nd Gen) to a Nexus 6P, although we kept the Moto-X and it has replaced my wife’s old 1st gen Moto-G. I absolutely loved the Moto-X. It is still one of my all time favorite phones, and I have had a LOT of phones. I even love the rounded back and thin edges, which you weren’t fond of. And I ABSOLUTELY MISS the hand gestures that you mentioned! Especially chopping to turn on the flashlight and waving my hand over the screen while it is laying on the nightstand to see the current time. These are some of the most helpful features I’ve ever seen on a phone and I miss them terribly on my Nexus 6P.

That said, I also love the Nexus 6P, and especially the fingerprint sensor and the gorgeous screen. It is slowly becoming my 2nd all-time favorite cellphone. But boy do I wish I could add the Moto-X gestures! That would make it just about perfect!


Hi @shting,

Thanks for taking the time to write all that up! Please let us know when you do find those Nexus hidden nuggets!

I’ve DM’d you to follow up on a couple of details and talk more about the coverage difference you mentioned.

You can use an app like Tasker to turn your flashlight on when you shake your phone. (not just on the 6p!) Tasker isn’t free, but I think it is well worth it. There’s a learning curve for it, but there are guides on how to do almost anything with it.

You can also set it to launch the camera, but I haven’t found a way to get it to do that while the screen is off. The flashlight will work when the screen is off though.

This is probably late, but you can turn on the camera quickly by double pressing the power button. I have the same phone.

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