Nexus 6P Won't Power On


I have a Nexus 6P that I purchased via RW about 2 yrs.
I’m on the 4GB plan $45 monthly.
I’m not a high volume cell phone user - I don’t live on my phone or do everything with my phone.

I know there are battery issues with some of these phones but I’ve never had any issues with this phone until today. It powered off and won’t power back on no matter what I try.

I put my phone on the charger at night, this morning it was 100% charged. The charge is the one that came with the phone.
About an hour later I noticed the Google logo, I figured it did an update and was rebooting, however, it never powered back on.
I pressed the power button and held it in - nothing happened.
Tried again and held it in longer - nothing happened.
I tried the power button + vol down button - nothing happened.
I tried the power button + vol up button - nothing happened.
I took it to work and put it on the cradle charger there, I thought maybe my charging cable died.
Left in on the cradle for several hours - no signs of life.
Did research on the issue, had my techie friend try everything I tried - nothing happened.
Came home, attached it to my laptop via different cable - nothing happened.
Laptop doesn’t even recognize there’s a device attached no matter how many times you plug/unplug
Device manager doesn’t see it even if you rescan for new hardware.

So at this point my real questions are:
Is there any way to retrieve the data from the 6P if I can’t get it to power on long enough to do a transfer to my laptop or another phone? Direct transfer from the sim card via a card reader?

Other than the possibility of salvaging pics, transferring data, etc - Is trying a replacement battery even worth the expense if I have to buy a new phone anyway?


I’m sorry to hear about this sudden problem with your Nexus 6P. Hopefully, your contacts will have sync’d with your Gmail account so they can be restored to another phone. Likewise, your photos may have been sync’d to your Google Photos account. I believe the default setting in Android is for these things to be backed up. Your Gmail, contacts and photos might be in the Google cloud waiting to be restored to another phone.

You can go online and check by logging into your Gmail account, then clicking on the Google Apps menu (a cluster of squares in the upper right corner of the Gmail screen). But, if the phone will not power on, no doubt, there will be some data you may not be able to retrieve.

As for replacing the battery to get the phone to work again, you indicated that the battery was taking a charge. The problem does not seem to be with the battery. So, that may well be a wasted effort and expense.

See Google Photos and Google Contacts

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Long shot, but did you check for lint, etc in the phone’s USB connector?

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