Nexus end of life

When my 6p reaches end of life, is Lineage OS an option? Or do I have to go without security updates until I get a new phone?

The Nexus 6p is scheduled to receive security updates until at least September 2018. By that time, who knows what will be supported?


Do you have any idea about Lineage OS and Republic Wireless?

Hi @mamboman777

RW’s official stance on Rooting

Nope, I have no idea regarding Lineage OS and whether it will work with Republic Wireless. There was a thread in the old forum regarding some custom ROMs that users had success with. I don’t mess around with custom ROMs anymore. The risk vs reward was usually disappointing.

I’ve never done custom ROM either, but at end of life when the options are new phone or flashing a custom ROM on an otherwise perfectly fine device, I’m going to be tempted to try before buying a new device. Good to know that it has a chance of working.

Given that EOL is 15 months away, who knows what will be going on with your phone by then. That’s a lifetime in tech years.

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I have had success with all the custom ROMS I’ve tried on RW service. For the 6P I’ve run (now defunct) CyanogenMod 13/14 and Pure Nexus 6.0, 6.0.1, 7.1.1, 7.1.2. For the Moto X Pure, I’ve run LineageOS and AICP. Pure Nexus on my 6p and AICP on my wife’s MPX have worked great and even activated new SIM cards!

As for the risk/reward… Yes there is absolutely a risk. Anytime you play with an operating system and system files of any computer, you run the risk of turning it into a $500 paperweight. And RW has every right to tell you they can’t help you if something is not working right.

Reward: The 6p isn’t that old yet, but it will be good to have ROM options around for when it gets older. As for end of life topic, I just put Pure Nexus on my dad’s Nexus 5 (not 5x; the 2013 Nexus phone!) and it is running android 7.1.2 great. The developers at XDA are super helpful at extending the life of phones!

The Nexus phones were kind of designed with this kind of thing in mind. Google made them easy to modify and easy to restore back to factory condition, even supplying the factory system images and instructions on how to do everything.

I like running custom Roms mostly because I can squeak out more battery life with debloated OS’s. And I like customizing!

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Edit: For anyone interested, I just installed Resurrection Remix 7.1.2 on nexus 6p and I did it on the MXP last night. Both activated and running great!

When you say activated, are you saying these were previously activated SIMs? Or, did you activate new SIMs after installing the custom ROM?

Both actually. I’ve activated GSM and CDMA SIM cards on Pure Nexus for the 6p and on AICP for MXP. But I’ve “reactivated” both phones with new ROMS after having my SIM cards working.

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