NFC and today with how you pay

Been looking at getting a newer updated phone. I was looking into the Moto G Power 2021. Glad I did a little extra homework I did not know about. Google Pay needs NFC. Your phone needs this feature to use Google Pay. NYC subways are slowly getting rid of a MetroCard, you use this card to ride the trains. Tap your phone with Google Pay instead. The G Power does not have this NFC feature! In these changing times it’s so important to really do your research!


NFC and other key features are documented in this Tips & Tricks article for all supported phones.

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Take a look at the Moto One 5G Ace. It does have NFC.


Hi @glennm.xe08im,

Thanks for helping to raise awareness of how important it is to make sure a phone has the features you expect, before you make a purchase.

This isn’t surprising, but disappoints me a bit. It may be a sign of my age, but before I head into any subway system, I put away everything I consider valuable, including my phone. In the bustle of the crowd, I’d much rather risk dropping a fare card than my phone!

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Just to be clear, that will not be the only way to pay for a NYC subway. The NFC is if you want to pay via your phone, but there are other non-phone ways to pay!

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