NFC app needed. What to install?

What phone do you have? moto6g play

What plan are you on? my choice plus 1G

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? both

Issue Description

NFC needed for charging car. Doesn’t seem to be on my phone. What is a reliable app?

FYI: NFC availability for Republic Wireless supported phones is listed in the Tips & Tricks

Yes. It is for a charging station (ChargePoint). As it is not already on the phone, is there an app. for it that is compatible with the phone and that you might perhaps recommend?


As your phone doesn’t support tap-to-pay the Chargepoint App can’t be used with that feature. Chargepoint will very happily send you a little NFC keychain card that is linked to your account that you can use to tap on their stations to start charging. In addition, the app can start a charging session without tapping but opening the page for the station that you’re add and using the “Begin Charging” button on that station’s page.

Thanks so much. I did send for their card – it didn’t come after more than 2 weeks, so I’ve asked again and it should be on its way. It’s very helpful to know that downloading an NFC app for the card wouldn’t work. Unfortunately, starting from their map won’t work, since the charger I want to use is in the apartment garage (which is ChargePoint) and isn’t shown on their map. Glad you knew something about their charging system – it has been hard getting what I need from ChargePoint.

Thanks again.


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I’m about 6 years in to ownership of my electric car. Early adopter means that I’ve lived through the pain of the launch of all these systems and have gotten to know them quite well!

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