Nice Work Republic Wireless!

I’m a long time RW customer (Even had a Defy XT for awhile) so have been through multiple iterations of change within RW and how they present their product. I recently submitted a ticket to change my Pixel 2 XL from the CDMA provider to the GSM provider, as I am going to be traveling internationally and I want to be able to switch between a European GSM SIM while out and about, and the RW SIM when I am on WiFi. The new SIM arrived today and I thought I would share the experience.

The SIM was very attractively packaged in a green “Hello” folder. Opening the first fold presents a SIM card removal tool, with a note explaining what it is and that you will need it for the next step. Each time you open another fold in the package you are presented with clear and concise instructions for that step. Even though I have been through these steps numerous times over the years and could have easily done this without instructions, I followed them, just for fun. And it was fun, since on the reverse side of the foldouts, RW has included some humorous “Did you Know” facts. Well, to call them “facts” is probably incorrect, but they definitely are humorous.

So, Good job RW! It was great for me to go through the latest “new customer” facing presentation of the RW product. It makes me feel good to know that when I recommend RW to someone, that I can feel confident that they will get off and running easily and with a few chuckles to boot!

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