No 4G After Phone Transfer

I have an open ticket on this but after 2 days and several attempts at resolution by RW Support, the issue remains. They are still trying to resolve but I thought I’d toss it out to the community to see if the collective brain power here might have a solution or at least some suggestions.

My wife has been using a Moto-G (1st Gen) and I have been using a Moto-X (2nd Gen). She is on a 2.0 500MB plan and I was on the 2.0 1GB plan. I recently purchased a Nexus 6P and moved to the 3.0 plans on that phone. Since the Moto-X is a better/faster phone than the Moto-G, I then moved my wife to the Moto-X. The swap went smoothly with one fairly major exception. While the Moto-X always had strong 4G/LTE coverage when I was using it, now that it has been re-provisioned for my wife, it only shows 3G. We have strong Sprint 4G coverage in our area and we were also in Portland, Oregon last weekend, which also has strong Sprint 4G, but the phone is stuck in 3G.

So far RW Support has had me do the following, to no avail:

  • The “##8647##” activation.
  • Uninstall/re-install the RW App.
  • Double checking that Data usage is on and data roaming is on.
  • Booting the phone in SAFE mode to ensure that an app isn’t interfering.
  • Factory Reset the phone (I had already done that, but did it again).

So, while RW is trying to figure this out, does anybody else have any ideas?

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Did support give you the code to perform and MSL reset?

Update Data Profile

I have two Moto X1s and one of them routinely displayed 3G where the other one shows LTE.

I did not experience any difference in their cellular data speeds. Are you concerned more

about the display or are you seeing significant degradation in speeds on account of the 3G display?

Since the SIM card is responsible for 4G/LTE access, I would recommend trying to re-seat the

SIM card and see if that shows any improvement.

@billg: Not sure what an MSL reset is. The only code they gave me is the one in the first bullet of my post.

@cbwahlstrom: I did update the data profile, although that wasn’t at their recommendation and I neglected to indicate that in my original post.

@amitl: I haven’t tested speed, but since I had been using the phone for a year and a half and it always showed 4G/LTE when that coverage was available, it seems like it should do the same now. I will try re-seating the SIM card, although it would be strange for that to be the problem when the phone was displaying properly immediately prior to my activating it for my wife. Still, something to try though.

As I understand it an MSL Reset is used when Sprint isn’t properly classifying your phone. In the past it has been used to enable roaming when phones refused to roam. I don’t know if an MSL reset also applies to LTE availability but it’s worth asking RW support if it is appropriate in your case. It cannot be performed without having a special code support provides.

I just got an email from RW support asking for more information, so I asked about an MSL reset in my reply to them.

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Let us know what they tell you. If an MSL Reset fixes this problem knowing that will be very helpful to the Community.

RW tech support just got back to me and said that while the MSL reset was a good thought, that it wouldn’t do anything for the 3G/4G that the factory reset wouldn’t do, and since that didn’t work, the MSL reset wouldn’t make any difference.

They have now decided that somehow the SIM card must have “deactivated” during the process of re-provisioning the phone for my wife and are sending me a new SIM card. Hopefully that will resolve the issue, but I’m not holding my breath. I don’t pretend to know much about SIM cards but the SIM obviously works because it is providing 3G communications capability. Just not 4G. But we’ll see what happens.

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The SIM card in that phone is only used for providing 4G LTE. You would still have 3G without any SIM card at all. Support is probably on the right track.

Thanks for the followup.

@cbwahlstrom: Interesting info about the SIM card. Didn’t know it was only for 4G/LTE. That boosts my confidence level quite a bit that this may be the solution.

I will post again after I receive the SIM.

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I received the new SIM card today and it solved the problem. I now have 4G/LTE back again. It seems very strange that the simple process of switching myself to a new phone (thus deactivating the Moto-X) and then re-activating it with my wife’s number (thus moving that number from her old Moto-G to the Moto-X) somehow deactivated the SIM, but apparently that is what happened. Kudos to the RW support team for seeing this one through. And thanks to those of you who chimed in with suggestions on this thread.

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