No 4G LTE with WiFi, poor voice quality with cell, Manual handover not always working

What phone do you have? Moto G4 Play

What plan are you on? My Choice Talk & Text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Just talk/text

Issue Description

I recently switched to GSM via the trial switch from CDMA which had poor reception here. I use my phone about 99% at home. With CDMA, I usually only talked on wifi only in airplane mode to prevent auto handovers as the voice quality over cell was weak and poor compared to the clarity of wifi. With this GSM sim I’ve left both cell and wifi on though.

  1. When wifi is on, I have no 4G LTE. I see the strong signal bars, but no 4G LTE sign. Wifi off, then 4G LTE shows up. It’s a one or the other proposition which defeats the whole purpose of this service.

  2. The voice quality over cell, whether 4G or not, is poor. I’m not sure what I hear, it may be called jitter, but the other’s voice has an annoying choppiness to it that makes it tedious to listen to.

  3. Sometimes, but not always, I try to manually handover to wifi, it says “handing over” for a minute or so, but does not handover. I try repeated, no go. It will not hand over.

  4. I’ve reset the network settings, didn’t help.

I have the latest Republic app, as installed when I switched to the GSM sim card. I turn the phone off every night.

Assistance appreciated !

That’s precisely the way it works. When you’re on wifi the phone suspends the data connection. Both connections are not kept active on any phone. This is normal operation.

I have had both cell and wifi active at the same time countless times. At home I usually go to airplane mode and activate wifi so the Republic app cannot handover on it’s own, as I said, cell phone quality is poor poor poor, so I try to avoid it unless absolutely necessary., like away from home. I had hoped the GSM network with offer better cell audio quality, but it has not, it is just as poor as was CDMA. The handover if left on auto switching will handover without me even moving a home and I have to manually handover back to wifi, but as I said, that’s not working consistently. Today I had to hang up and call back just to switch back to wifi.

I do not have any cell data added to my plan, I have no use for it.

  • As @louisdi indicated you will not have both an LTE and a WiFi connection, the actual use and connection type can be seen in the RW Notification … 1 finger down to see Notification. Each is defined here: What are the Connectivity Status Notifications? – Republic Help
    • Post back what the RW app Notification shows
  • I would guess the handover from WiFi to cell, may be because you don’t have a really good WiFi connection?

Do you have cellular data turned on in the settings? Even without a data plan, it should be on. Second, can you share your ZIP code so we can look at coverage?

Yes, it’s turned on.
Zipcode is 43952

jben, The first link you provided simply doesn’t match what’s on my phone. Yes, it has the latest RW app, and Android 7.1.1 which is what was provided from RW.

What I have on the top page of RW app is : a dark gray cell strength meter(4 bars), and empty light gray arc, a light gray question mark and a light gray tool symbol.

My wifi strength is strong, full to one bar less if I move around my apartment. My router is right below me in the garage through a wood floor. GSM cell strength varies between full and 1 bar less, depending on location. This is much better than it was with Sprint’s CDMA.

I have have the best channel selected from trial and error around my home. If I really get into all those other tests, my gosh man … rabbit hole city. I have no choice of my ISP service locally, it’s monopoly. I have 3 Mbps down, 1 Mbps up. I could pay a lot more to these gangsters and get very little more.

Before I switched to Republic I had Verizon service for years and the signal was always strong, even in my basement with thick stone walls of 'ye ole farm house where I live. Nowadays there are other low cost carriers that use their service so I’ll look into that.

Thanks for your time everyone.

Looking at GSM coverage on that area, I would expect a miserable experience. CDMA is a bit better from the maps, but honestly, neither is great.

A bit more detail I neglected to share
You should see the RW arc in the Status line, if not, then access the RW app and turn it on in the settings, then when there is a Notification you should be able to follow the info provided, if not be sure to let us know so that it can be reported.

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