No 5.0 Talk and Text plan, what's next for me

So, if all this is “optional for existing members”, is my $15 a month plan going to still be available?

Those currently on My Choice plans are “grandfathered” in. It’s conditional on remaining there. Anybody who leaves can never get back in.

Well, guess I found my own answer: We are no longer offering the My Choice plan for activation.

  • If you are replacing a phone that currently has an activated My Choice GSM SIM card, you can replace the phone with another phone from the list below by moving the SIM card to the compatible replacement phone.
  • When replacing a phone with a My Choice CDMA SIM card, you must upgrade to our 5.0 plan as we are no longer able to activate CDMA SIM cards and they cannot be moved from phone to phone.
  • When replacing a phone with a My Choice SIM card that has been canceled or deactivated, you must upgrade to our 5.0 plan. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Yeah, I got the grandfathered in part, but apparently as soon as you get a new phone you’re now ■■■■■■■.

Not exactly. As soon as you get a new phone NOT ON the 4.0 plan list AND it doesn’t work with your old GSM SIM (since some may work with the old SIM even if not on the old “blessed” list), then you’ll need to change plans. Obviously if you are CDMA you have a deadline approaching either way but that goes for someone on CDMA with any carrier, RW has no control over that.


This is kind of what I was getting at. Ultimately, we will be forced off the $15 plan, no matter what. This is why I went with Republic in the first place, because others only offered this price for a couple months as an introductory offer - not permanently. The “upgrades” really don’t matter if I can’t just have my text/talk and not have to pay for the other stuff I don’t need.

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Eventually, but not until you no longer have a phone that supports the older plans. You would also have to worry about RW killing the old plans but historically they have let the old stuff linger for as long as it is within their power to do so (they can’t stop the CDMA network shutdown for example).
You could also potentially buy a relatively modern replacement that is still on the old list for BYOD and use that. Eg - my Samsung A52 5g is pretty darn new and works for both 4.0 and the new plans (according to the new BYOD list anyway). Just swap the old SIM into the new phone, which is what I did.

And moving to the new plans, you get a real (not VOIP so it can use Venmo etc) number that can do unlimited talk, text, and 1gb data for $20/m. Not that terrible really but it will be on a different carrier. Maybe an issue, maybe not for you.

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So, a different phone number as well.

No no, your actual number gets ported, which is part of why you can’t go back to the old plan (if I understand correctly).
It’s on the new carrier (AT&T) with a new SIM and thus is a different type of number. Sorry, should have been more clear.

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No, you can keep your current Republic number whether you stay on My Choice or choose to move to 5.0.

This approach works if the SIM in one’s current phone is GSM. It does not work if one’s current SIM is CDMA. Are you looking to replace your phone now?

I wouldn’t be certain of this. It’s true that, at launch, Republic isn’t offering a talk & text only option on 5.0. That. however, does not preclude a talk & text only option on 5.0 in the future.

Understood. Are you looking to replace a phone now? Or, are you asking out of potential concern for the future?

I guess if you quoted this above, you may be using CDMA. If so, you’ll have to move to the new plans but that’s effectively beyond Republic’s control. The underlying CDMA networks are going away for everyone, not just Republic customers.

To check, open the Republic app, go to settings (the gear), and hit About. The first paragraph lists “SIM type”.

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I had thought Republic was CDMA. I just checked my settings and it’s GSM.

Both. I hate the phone I have now, so it’s going to be replaced next year, but yes, I am concerned about what I have to pay in the future.

They had the options for either but CDMA is being deprecated all over.

Since you’re GSM, you can just swap the SIM into another phone if you wish to upgrade hardware but remain on your current plan. You would likely want a phone that supports not only the old plan (so is on that BYOD list) but also supports the new plans (appears on the new BYOD list or is sold in the store) so that you have more options later without having to change hardware again.

Republic has had partnerships with two cell phone carriers. Sprint is/was the CDMA partner; the GSM carrier is T-Mobile. All legacy phones (Defy XT, Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2) use/used the Sprint CDMA network. The unlocked phones using the My Choice plan may have been activated on either the GSM network or (if capable) on the CDMA network.

I don’t know what phone family you prefer but my Samsung A52 5g is a pretty nice midrange that you can grab for $399 Unlocked online when it goes on sale.
Battery life is amazing for the performance (big deal for me because I hate being an outlet vampire), I just got 13.5 hrs of screen on time yesterday and didn’t disable cellular data to cheat.

It works with the 4.0 plans and is on the new list so should work with 5.0 plans. It has an AMOLED screen, and has an sd card slot for added storage in addition to a headphone jack (not always easy to get those last 2 but I prefer them)

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Your current My Choice talk and text only plan is grandfathered. While no one can say with certainty what the future holds, Republic has not indicated grandfathered My Choice plans are going away. When you’re ready to upgrade your phone, please consider coming back to Community for assistance. Otherwise, it’s status quo and your current service is not impacted.

I liked my first Smasung which was an old S6, but the current one is the A series like yours and I think I’m going to avoid that one now. :grin:

Fair enough, I’m coming from years of Motos so actually having updates and a decent camera is nice.

My only complaints are how Samsung does Visual Voicemail (can be fixed with 3rd party VV app) and that the phone limits biometrics to 3 fingers (but you can actually program multiple fingers into each finger “slot” so whatever).

That’s exactly what I thought too! Had a Motorola that was good, but need more space and thought the A51 would have a better camera from everything I read about it, but not so much. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: