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Moto E5 Play
Unlimited talk & text plan (no data)

My wife (who has a Moto E, same plan) and I have been with RW for many years but we’ve been getting more frustrated recently and are considering switching elsewhere.

The biggest issue for both of us for many months has been texts frequently not sending or being severely delayed. When we’re out and about our phones often say “Calls over cell. No access to messages or voicemails. Check your network connection.” And when that’s the case, texting doesn’t work. We’ve tried resetting network settings etc, as previously advised here, but the problem is still there.

Any advice?

Hi @markarchibald,

What’s your environment where you’re most often seeing this status? Are you at home? On WiFi? Is there a usable cellular signal there?

It’s not at home. It’s when I’m out, not on wifi but connected to the cell network, including in areas where there should be a strong cell signal.

Could @markarchibald be roaming? Would that be an issue here?

I don’t think that’s the issue, and the problem isn’t there most of the time - it’s intermittent. I haven’t figured out a pattern.

Let’s check coverage in your area. Would you feel comfortable sharing your Zip code (and only that) as well as whether your phone is on our GSM or CDMA network?

I’m on GSM. Zip: 55125, often also spend time in 55118, 55120.

Hi @markarchibald,

I’m sorry you haven’t had a reply before now. I thought others in the Community might chime in. Coverage does look pretty robust in your area.

Have you made sure all your settings are correctly configured?

Yes, that’s all correct.

Thanks for checking.

The next time you see it happen, please try to get a screenshot that also shows us your connectivity status icons. This might yield some clues to help us troubleshoot in the right direction.

See attached for a couple of examples. The “On Cell” example is more common.

Thanks, @markarchibald.

I was hoping to see the cellular connectivity icons to see if there happened to be any clue about 3G, or LTE connectivity.

Do you use a VPN?

Is your Republic app up to date?

I don’t use a VPN, and yes, the RW app version says up-to-date.

This is a fairly old article, but it might be worth working through the steps in order. I wouldn’t do the factory reset, though.

Thanks. I’ll try that.

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Some of those steps I had done already. The others I did (except for the factory reset). The problem is still there.

Thanks for working through those steps. I’m sorry they didn’t help.

Looking back over what you’ve written earlier, I see you mentioned you “should” have good cellular service, and looking at the coverage maps, I agreed. However, we didn’t verify that you do indeed have good coverage in those areas. The screenshot you sent didn’t have the cellular connectivity icons I was hoping to see.

One of the screenshots you shared showed you were on WiFi. Was that at home?

When your phone is in this state, are you able to browse websites you’ve never before visited? What happens if you toggle airplane mode on and back off when you’re in this state, does that clear it up?

I appreciate the help. Just wanted to follow-up and let you know that I’ve switched carriers. After 7 years with RW it’s time for me to try something different, given the issues. Plus I needed a new phone so the timing makes sense.

Hi @markarchibald,

Thanks for letting us know and thanks for your time with us. I hope you’ll keep an eye on us and that perhaps we’ll be able to serve you again in the future.

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