No android Keyboard on Moto E 1st Gen - need help


Hi, I got a Moto e 1st Gen. I mistakenly uninstalled the Google “Gboard” app. Now, I have no keyboard. I can’t install a the app from the play store because I only have google voice and the play store will not allow me to use the voice input to speak text into the search box. Hence, I cannot install any keyboard. What can be done?

Thanks for any help.


FYI the play store text box says “Google Voice typing cannot be used for this field”. This is why I can’t reinstall anything.


Hi @tepper,

Using a computer, sign into the Google Play Store with the same Google credentials you use on your phone, and go to You can use the “install” button to send the app to your phone.



Thanks. I tried to do this from my chromebook, but it installs the Gboard app on my chromebook and does not give me the option to send to the phone when I click “install.” Must this be done from a PCWindows machine?


Someone with a chromebook would have to answer that, I"m afraid I don’t know. Do you use the same Google credentials on both the Chromebook and phone? If you now click the “installed” button does it show you both devices?


Same credentials on Chromebook as on my phone. There is no “installed” button after installing. The only buttons are “Uninstall” and “open” when viewed on the Google Play Store on a Chromebook.


Are you following that link through a browser? (Not opening it in a Play Store App?)


Yes. I am.

FYI - I have just gone to a pc and repeated the procedure. There, I can get an “Installed” button. I am now trying to send to my phone as you instructed. I will reply on this thread if it works.

I find two things unfortunate and surprising:

  1. That the Google Play store works better on a Windows PC than on in-house Google Chrome OS software.

  2. Android Lollipop on Moto e 1st Gen allows the user to accidentally uninstall the primary input device - the keyboard - making the phone partially unusable.


Thanks. Your suggestions worked.


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