No Audio From Maps / Waze when in Car

Do you use your phone for navigation in the car but find that while it works perfectly outside the car, once you’re in the car you stop getting audio from Maps? If so, does your car have Bluetooth that you use for calling? If yes, then here’s the likely issue. Your car recognizes calls and changes audio source to the phone. However, when you’ve got the radio on any input other than Bluetooth, such as Radio or CD Player, the car views the map audio as just another streaming audio stream and ignores it.

Likely, to hear Maps you’ll need to switch the input to “Bluetooth” or whatever the equivalent is called on the car, as if you wanted to stream music from your phone, and doing so will allow you to hear the maps audio.


In addition, depending on which navigation app you use, you can also double check if you have a choice in where the navigation voice comes out. This is useful f you want to listen to your car’s radio but also want to have the phone connected for phone calls.

For example, on Waze, you can find it under Settings, Voice and Sounds, and enable Play sound to phone speaker

Google Maps supposedly has a similar option within the navagational settings according to the help and support page but I somehow cannot find the option in the current version on my own phone.

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